Arrow Season 6 Premiere


Arrow has a reputation for a strong season Premiere but the Season 6 premiere might have been the most anticipated yet. With the events of last season’s finale, the writers had a chance to change, not only the dynamic of the team, but the dynamic of the show. They definitely do but not in the way that’s expected.
The episode starts off with a great set piece of Arrow taking down the bad guys and stopping a missile. The first things noticed however is Wild Dog has a pretty cool new suit, and there’s no felicity on comms. We find out this is a bit of a misdirection and we are drip fed the fact that all of the team have survived. This feels a little disappointing and a missed opportunity as the writers could have made a statement and killed a major character off. It feels like they haven’t quite got over Season 4’s controversial killing of Laurel Lance and the quick course correction they took to try and fix this. This is even more prominent as this episode seems to set up other earth’s Laurel as the first villain of the season, which to the writers credit, works well so far.

Flashbacks have been a massive and successful part of Arrow and there’s been the question, after 5 years what were they going to do. If the premiere is anything to go by, they will still be used to great effect. In the premiere we get to see the events 5 months ago on the island, after Last season’s big bad, Prometheus, set off the explosives destroying the island. We get to see Oliver promise to take care of William and a supposedly dead Thea. Near the end of the episode we find she is in a coma, the writers not willing to pull the trigger just yet.

The episode does a good job in setting up the different dynamics for each character and the path they will take this season. We see Oliver struggling to connect with William and dealing with his new father duties. Diggle seems to not be dealing with the events on the island by missing shots and not being able to pull the trigger however this doesn’t feel earned. Surely Diggle has been through much worse in the armed forces and got through it so hopefully this is more explored through out the season. Fan favourite Slade is in and out of this episode briefly as he goes to Calgary to find his son but hopefully he is brought back.

The biggest event in the episode is saved for the last minute and is a massive curveball set to change the entire dynamic of the show. Oliver gets a call from Felicity to turn on the news and in full view is a photo of an unhooded Green Arrow. With Oliver’s identity now revealed, this will change everything on the show and will be great to see how this season pans out.
Verdict – Inpatient Care

A strong opening episode to the new season. With no major deaths to change the dynamic feeling like a missed opportunity, the last minute’s big reveal saves this and sets Arrow up for another great season.


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