Black Panther trailer

Finally we have got our first trailer for Black Panther and it did not disappoint. After footage being revealed at Comic Con, the buzz about this movie has grown every week with the footage being described sounding incredible. The first trailer only proves this.
With the incredible visuals and the new world of Wakanda on show, it provides a beautiful backdrop for a movie that seems to have it’s own identity and it’s own feel within the MCU. The amount of movies the MCU has produced, it’s great to see that that things still seem fresh and new, and that they haven’t got stale and similar. This is helped by the song choice which isn’t a standard trailer song, helping Black Panther have it’s own feel.

The cast in the Black Panther look incredible as well. From the Black Panther suits, to Nakia and Okoye, the fierce female warriors of Wakanda, to Michael B Jordan looking like he lived in a gym for the whole production. It’s also great to see a return of Andy Serkis’ Klaue and Martin Freeman’s Everett Ross and hopefully we will see these character’s being explored even more.

Check it out for yourself!

Verdict – Inpatient care

Promising massive set pieces, strong characters and beautiful visuals, the Black Panther looks like it could be Marvel’s next big hit. Roll on the next trailer.


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