Flash Season 4 Premiere


The Flash’s premiere was always going to be an interesting one. With Barry stuck in the speed force how would the show continue without it’s title hero. As it seems, it doesn’t continue very far.
The premiere opens with the new team as Iris takes the lead while Cisco and a more confident Wally, save the city. Its good to see Iris and Cisco in new roles within the team, especially Iris who has felt like a mascot at times. With the city saved this time, a Samurai appears demanding the Flash, something that doesn’t appear possible.

With the demand for the Flash’s return, Cisco reveals he has been working on getting him back and placing Barry’s DNA into the speed force making it think he was still there. It kind of feels like we could have used this solution last season when Wally was stuck but I can let that slide. With Caitlin being convinced to return the team we revisit the airstrip where Barry’s powers where honed and is a fitting place for the ‘rebirth’ of the Flash.

Initially we think it doesn’t work but Barry is found and picked up by the CCPD where the gang can go pick up their lost friend. However upon arrival it’s clear that Barry isn’t quite there and is drawing shapes and talking about stars, and generally acting crazy, which is brought across really well. The episode continues with Barry being locked away and the Samurai returning for the Flash. Iris gives herself up in hope that it will snap The Flash out of his manic craze and rescue her. This is where it takes a downturn for me.

With Joe begging for Barry to snap out of it to save Iris, Barry speeds off and of course rescues Iris. However once rescued Barry is back to his old self without remembering anything and feeling better than ever. This doesn’t feel very earned and it would have been really interesting to see Barry go through a couple of episodes speaking nonsense, and seeing how the team dealt with it. Hopefully Barry’s crazy talk and symbols are explored more and it isn’t just forgotten about, rendering Barry’s big ‘sacrifice’ last season feeling very pointless.

At the end of the episode we see the reveal of this season’s big bad, ‘The Thinker’. More of an intellectual opponent rather than a race to see who has the bigger balls, or fastest speed. It’s a change the Flash has needed a season ago with the same speedster villain formula being reused every season. It’s good to see that this season will be different and sets up for, hopefully, a return to form for the DC’s Scarlet Speedster.
Verdict – Minor/Major surgery

More minor than major surgery, the premiere fails in letting the repercussions be felt about Barry sacrificing himself last season. But it does what it needs to in setting up an interesting new villain and hopefully it will explore the repercussions of Barry’s crazy talk and symbols 1more through out the season.


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