Arrow S06E02


There’s only really one place to start with this episode and it’s with the biggest namedrop the show has ever come up. We have always had little nods, city’s mentioned in conversation, jackets hanging on hooks, but we haven’t had such a big name be dropped so casually. Bruce Wayne is in the Arrowverse! This moment sent a shiver down my spine, the fact that Bruce Wayne being in Gotham discussed, was nothing short of awesome.

The rest of the episode felt like a start of the season episode with the storylines only really starting to build up and take shape. The introduction of Special Agent Watson is an interesting new front to fight on. With Oliver cleared of being The Green Arrow by the end of the episode, Special Agent Watson seems determined to prove that he is. I think this could prove to be a really interesting and new storyline that we have never really seen before. Yes we have seen Lance try and prove it back in Season 1, but this is different. I’m looking forward to see how this plays out and how Oliver can really get her off his back and deal with a new enemy of sorts,

Anatoli and the Bratva where back as a bit of a decoy as it was originally thought that they were the ones who released the photo of Oliver. This could have been a really easy way for the show to go but I’m glad they didn’t and hopefully we won’t know who released it until further down the line. I’m a fan of the Bratva and they serve their purpose well within the show and it drove this episode forward.

In dealing with the Bratva, there were a number of action and fighting scenes. Arrow really improve every season on their fight choreography, especially considering there’s usually more than just Oliver involved. It’s very enjoyable and satisfying to see Oliver slam a few guys down and literally set one alight. With Wild Dog still out of action, this episode paired the rest of the crew up to good effect. Felicity and Mr. Fantastic teamed up to take down the photograph, as well as going into business together by end of the season. Which seems a little pointless but it’s something to keep them busy and might serve a purpose for the rest of the season. The other pair were Diggle and Dinah, which brought the most tension to the episode.

Diggle told Dinah about his injury, which admittedly proved me a little wrong. I thought it was due to shock or trauma but we found out it’s actually nerve damage which is slightly different and an interesting arc for Diggle to deal with. The arguments that Dinah and Diggle have about how he is compromised in the field, make for interesting viewing, especially when Dinah was being strangled and Diggle couldn’t bring himself to save her. I felt myself side with Dinah as Diggle clearly is very much compromised and is a danger in the field to his team. Dinah is really proving herself to be a worthy Black Canary who is strong and can take care of herself, sorry Laurel but you were getting moany before you met your maker.

With this whole new arc for Diggle to deal with, the final minutes of the episode proved even more interesting. Oliver meets with Diggle and gives up being the Green Arrow and for John to replace him. This feels a little empty and I think a little pointless. It’s clear that Oliver in some sort of way will be the Green Arrow again at some point so it’s interesting to see where the show will go from here. Is Diggle the new lead of the show? I’m ok with this new change in the knowledge that it’s more than likely Oliver will return as Arrow, like he always does, and Diggle can have his moment to shine, my issue is the reason. Oliver wants to stop to be there for his son and be a better father, but sure it’s not like Diggle has a younger son and wife to be there for…

Diagnosis – Minor Surgery

An episode that drives along chugging out the storylines for this season, with an interesting potentially new outlook for the show. That name drop though

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