Black Friday Picks


Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

PS Store only – £14.99 for the first 3 uncharted games.

What can I say about this franchise. It made me buy a PlayStation. I would normally only review movies but these games made me feel like I was watching a movie so much, I felt I had to review them aswell! The characters, stories and graphics are all class leading. You would be stupid not to pick this up if you haven’t played Uncharted before.



Ghost Recon: Wildlands

PS Store £21.99. Xbox Marketplace £27.99 (£22 with Gold)

For the amount of playtime this game has, this price is an absolute steal. With your ghost team (which is even better with friends) you get to explore the lands of Bolivia and take down the cartel section by section. Most missions are thrilling and you get to do the missions the way you want, stealth or guns blazing. You could easily put 24 hours of gaming in this and not even finish the main story missions. With a huge amount of side missions and collectibles to get, you’ll be playing this for weeks!



Batman The Telltale Series Season 1 Episodes 1-5

Xbox Marketplace £10.00

From Telltale the creators that brought you The Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us now bring you to Gotham, where you enter the Fractured mind of Bruce Wayne and Discover the far reaching consequences of your choices, in this gritty and violent new story. If you’ve played any other Telltale series, you will love this. Considering every episode will take around 2-3 hours, for £2 an episode, this is a great deal!


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