Disney/Fox deal OFFICIAL!


Its OFFICIAL!! Disney is buying Fox entertainment. In a deal valued at $52 billion Disney will be purchasing the rights to any and all of Fox’s television, movie and online entertainment networks.  While that means Disney now owns properties like avatar and The Walking Dead, the important take away from this deal, and the one that means the most to us here, is that X-men, Fantastic 4, Deadpool and many more are now MCU property!

This is fantastic (pun obviously intended) news for any comic book movie fan. Having access to X-men, fantastic 4 and all their connected characters in the MCU opens the universe up to even more arcs and possible story lines. With a lot of the contracts of the current slate of MCU heroes coming to end, many wondered what the future held for the characters they have introduced over phase 3. A worry that can now be put to rest.

Now, to say I am excited about this is an understatement. Having read a lot of comics involving all the characters from both former studios, I am very excited to see what the future holds for this universe and theses characters. Will we get Galactus?  Avengers vs X-men anyone? These are things that are now a real possibility within the MCU. I am not afraid to say that we here at ComicfilmsMD have already started thinking of ways for them to introduce these new characters into the MCU.

Speaking of the introduction, I am really hoping that they are able to keep the X-men actors. While the X-men movies have had their ups and downs, looking at you X-men origins, I think it would be a massive slap in the face to the universe that kicked off the superhero movie genre way back in 2000 if they were to completely ignore it.  The MCU is talking about introducing the multiverse so it wouldn’t be too out of the realm of possibility to introduce the X-men that way. I am obviously 100% ok with them recasting fantastic 4, or should I say fan4stic.

The only concern I have about this whole deal is the monopoly Disney now has the super hero genre. Having multiple studios making super hero movies allowed for innovation and risks. while I highly doubt Disney or Marvel Studios will allow the universe to stagnate, the lack of competition may cause a feeling of settlement within the studio that cofuld result in worse movies. I am Hopeful that this will not be the case but it is on my mind.


When it was announced that Spider-man would be returning to the MCU, fans felt that glimmer of hope that maybe one day the X-men and fantastic 4 would too. While it felt for a long time that it would never happen, the time has finally arrived where we have pretty much every Marvel Character, minus Namor who is still at universal, under one roof. The possibilities are endless, and I will be spending a lot of the Christmas period thinking about how great the MCU is going to be after this!


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