2017 Review! Top 3 Games


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2017 was a great year for games and there was a lot to play! We choose our top 3 of the year!


3rd – Yakuza 0

This is a prequel which has one of the strongest storylines the series has seen to date. We follow a youthful kazuma trying to break free of the gangster shackles and with this we are treated to great combat and a bright and fulfilling game. It is great for newcomers to the franchise or people that are familiar with this set of games.

2nd – Resident Evil 7

I consider this a return to glory for this franchise as it had lost its way and identity with the last two numbered sequels. With Resident Evil 7 we are treated to a new first person view which is absolutely terrifying in parts. This is a must buy for any fan of the franchise.

1st – Injustice 2

This is the very definition of a successful sequel, with loads of customisation on hand along with a meaty single player campaign and a multiplayer section which you could easily spend days upon days playing. You will not be disappointed with the content on offer, this is a must for any comic book fan.


3rd – Horizon Zero Dawn

This was a game that pleasantly surprised me. I hadn’t really kept up to date with it until I was able to pick it up when it was a bit cheaper, and whao. What we got was this vast world with an intriguing story and possibly the best female hero since Lara Croft. With Aloy we got to explore the world, take over machines and feel really really cool flying in slo mo firing a bow. Even at the time of writing this, I still haven’t finished the story, purely because I’ve been exploring and doing side missions. This is a game I’ll be going back to over and over again, and definitely deserves a space in my top 3.

2nd – Injustice 2

Injustice 2 is everything you expect of a game that is filled with your favourite superheroes. To be able to play as Batman, Superman and, my personal favourite, Green Arrow, it never gets tiring or boring. It’s a great game to fire on and play a couple of matches or go into the challenges. With trophies that are next to impossible, this is a game you can just constantly grind away at and still feel the rewards of building and levelling up the heroes. With DLC coming out frequently including the likes of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (amazing), this is definitely a game you want to keep in your collection and really rewards loyal fans.

1st – Crash Trilogy

I’m still excited by the fact that this game out. What a great game to relive your childhood and painstakingly try and collect all those gems and crystals. Remastered and in HD glory, Crash returns with the awesome 3 original games in your bid to defeat Cortex. Now, either I was an unreal gamer when I was a kid and I’ve got shit over time, or this game has definitely been made harder. Trying to cross that f**king bridge is so frustrating but it’s a good frustrating. A frustration you want to defeat and it’s so satisfying when you do. Give me that Spyro remaster and I’m going to say that the game was definitely much harder :).

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