2017 Review! Top 3 TV Shows


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2017 was a strong year for TV shows and there were so many different platforms to choose from! From Netflix to the CW, we choose our top 3 of the year!


3rd – The Punisher

Netflix’s take on the Punisher is by far my most favourite of this year, we see another side of Frank Castle as he deals with his PTSD and how he justifies his need for violence. This 13 piece show is an absolute treat for anyone that loves all out action, although if you are a bit squeamish when it comes to blood and gore, you may need an alternative.

2nd – Santa Clarita Diet

I had reservations about watching this as I feel Timothy Olyphant is not a comedy actor. Yet as he and Drew Barrymore portray everyday real estate agents, I was proven wrong. The couple face obstacles when Barrymore’s character transforms into a zombie. We are treated to hilarious dealings as her husband, family and friends do what they can, from dealing with neighbours and cultural norms while getting to the bottom of why she has transformed.

1st – The Blacklist

This series continues to keep me on the edge of my seat. Following the FBI Task Force along with Reddington, we are treated to seeing a whole new set of blacklisters while we delve further into Liz’s relationship with Red and what exactly he is to her. If you like 24 or Homeland, I highly recommend this show to you.



While far from a perfect show, I did enjoy seeing the cast of the Netflix shows all coming together for the first time. It had been some time since I had seen Daredevil on screen so it was good seeing him again. The interactions between the characters were also great and the chemistry didn’t feel forced. There were some downsides obviously, the story didn’t really have a satisfying ending, but it didn’t ruin my overall enjoyment of the show. Netflix had been slacking lately with the Marvel shows so it was nice to see something that wasn’t totally forgettable (read as: Iron Fist).

2ndGame of Thrones

I always found Game of Thrones very hard to follow, the amount of characters and locations made it, for me anyway, really hard to keep track year on year. I am glad to say that this year didn’t feel like that at all. It flowed really well and story felt like a natural progression. The shorter series also meant we got more red weddings and less, horse riding to cities. The final episode of the season was nothing short of spectacular! I now hate the fact I have to wait until 2019 to see the final season.

1st –  Punisher

I haven’t enjoyed a Marvel TV show this much since Daredevil season 1. With the let downs of Iron Fist and to some extent Luke Cage, I wasn’t expecting much from Punisher. Boy was I wrong. Punisher had me wishing for more episodes every time the credits rolled. It was action packed, well written and amazingly acted. The only problem I have with this show is that it wasn’t 30 episodes long!


3rd – Defenders

The Defenders was the culmination of all the previous Marvel Netflix show. I was a big fan of all of them, yes even Iron Fist, so to see these heroes all team up was great to watch. The plot was a little shady and it burnt out to nothing really but it was still great to see.

2nd – Punisher

The Punisher is a show that we have never really seen before and let’s be honest, it is all about Jon Bernthal. The Punisher was meant to be a cool cameo or side character in Daredevil but the way he is portrayed got him this series. Thankfully the series did not disappoint. Filled with violence, a look into Punisher’s past, as well as a good storyline, The Punisher did not disappoint. I will never tire of watching Castle clear out a room of soldiers without them even knowing where he is. We already have a green light for Season 2 of Punisher and to me, that is no surprise.

1st – Arrow

Arrow had a lot riding on last season. After a pretty disappointing Season 3 and a shit Season 4, Arrow Season 5 had to be good. I’m a huge fan of Arrow and it got me back on it’s side. With a villain in Prometheus, who was potentially just as good, if not better than Deathstroke, we got a compelling story that kept you guessing right to the end. With a literally explosive finale, it was the biggest cliffhanger we have ever got with Arrow. It had a great opportunity to really shake up the show but the new series has been a slight disappointment. I’m hoping it picks up but do not let that take away from an incredible Season 5.

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