2018 Top 3 Most Anticipated Films


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2018 is going to be an extremely exciting time for films coming out! We each list our most anticipated!


3rd – The Predator

Since the director had a short stint in the original classic, I feel the series in good hands. After the last outing, Predators wasn’t that great. In this movie we are going back to what made the original great with tense settings and a decent cast. I feel this movie will set this franchise back on track for the future.

2nd – Pacific Rim: Uprising

I personally thought the first Pacific Rim was fantastic, a friend and I went to see it and both sat there with our jaws wide open throughout the whole film. I was blown away by the spectacle we were treated to. I can only imagine what the sequel will have in store for us as the trailer looks unreal so I personally am so excited for this one.

1st – Avengers Infinity War

After finally seeing the trailer, the hype is real folks. What we will be treated to is an instant classic featuring all our favourite Marvel heroes and potentially introducing so many more now that Disney has bought Fox. This Marvel franchise can just go from strength to strength and there doesn’t seem to be any slowing down.


3rdAqua Man

This is a comic book movie that I never thought I would be excited for. However after watching Justice League, it got me excited to see where they can take this universe. The DCEU is definitely not great, but Justice League was fun so I’m hyped for their next movie. Jason Mamoa is great, I have enjoyed his work since Stargate Atlantis so it feels almost full circle to see him now in a comic book movie, set in a place with the same mythology behind it, if not a very different take.

2ndBlack Panther

I am excited whenever any Marvel movie comes out. It is now drilled into me that I have to see a Marvel movie the day it comes out. These movies have all been great in the past (except maybe Ragnarok) so I get myself worked up every time a new one comes out. I love speculating about story and ties to the larger MCU, so having Black Panther be the last MCU movie to come out before Infinity war has my comic brain working overtime!

1stAvengers: Infinity War

This is obvious to anyone that knows me. As a Marvel fan boy I have been waiting for this movie for 10 years. I was nervous that the trailer wouldn’t live up to my expectations but I can safely say it exceeded them. I have watched every bit of leaked footage and set clips from this movie and they still haven’t dampened my excitement for it. The Russo brothers have given us 2 of the best Marvel movies to date so I have no hesitation trusting them with an undertaking like this. No Pressure guys!


3rd – Tomb Raider

I may have been part of the few who actually enjoyed the Angelina Jolie Tomb Raiders, they were silly fun. However the Tomb Raider series is definitely due a reboot and I think that this could be a really good movie. Not only could it be a really good movie, it could break the curse of video game adaptions. Everyone thought it would be Assassin’s Creed, they were very wrong, but I think it could be this. From the trailer it looks like we are getting a good origin story and a good adventure, with shots taken straight from the video game. That’s the thing about video game adaptions, the story is right there! The shots are right there! You just need to film it, you don’t have to create some really weird side thing from the game, just do the game!

2nd – Avengers Infinity War

Not a huge surprise here but this is the culmination of over 20 movies. Everything has been building to this. I feel the MCU is a huge part of my life and it truly is going to be an end of an era when we see these heroes all together on the big screen. Is there going to be deaths? Yes. Is Thanos slightly terrifying? Yes. Is Cap’s hair amazing? 100% yes. This could be one of the greatest movies ever made and I can’t wait to see it on the big screen.

1st – Deadpool 2

When I was writing down my top 3, even I was surprised when I hadn’t put Infinity War in the top spot. That just proves though how much I’m looking forward to Deadpool 2. The first movie was something we have never seen before in a super hero movie and I mean, what can you say about Ryan Reynolds. What a man. He was born to play Deadpool and with the advertising campaign being 100% Deadpool like, it just gets me even more excited for some chimichangas. This could be even better than the first, which is very rare for a sequel, but Deadpool 2 could do it easily.

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