2018 Top 3 Most Anticipated TV Shows


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From shows returning for the second halves of their seasons, to brand new TV shows coming out. Here’s the top 3 we are each looking forward too!


3rd – Ash Vs Evil Dead

As a big fan of the Evil Dead movies I was slightly sceptical when I heard they were going to do a TV Series of the Evil Dead but I was surprised by how close it stuck to the roots of the movies. With the book still in existence and all sorts of necromorphs popping up, along with the dark comedy, this was a great mix and after 2 seasons I am definitely looking forward to season 3.

2nd – The Blacklist

Yes I know this has started already but it will be running through to 2018 and I can safely say that this is one of the best TV shows on TV currently. I for one am looking forward to seeing the latest exploits of Reddington and The FBI Task Force.

1st – Luther

Yes finally we are being treated to a fifth series of Luther! We will be able to catch up on Idris Elba solving some seriously messed up crimes with his brute force and unconventional ways.



This list is going to be slightly different, these shows are already out, but I am looking forward to finally watching these shows, starting with Arrow. I never watched the last season of Arrow but have been told it returns to form. With all the positive reviews circulating around this latest season, I am excited to sit down and see what all the fuss is about!


Flash was always my favorite TV show, but I sadly haven’t had time to watch the latest season. I was getting a bit tired of constantly having the big bad of the season be a speedster, so it was nice to hear that they are taking a different route with this one. Now that there is a slow down of movies and a lot of mid season breaks for TV, I will finally get the chance to catch up on something I have always loved!

1stAgents of Shield

This is the marvel fan boy in me. While Agents of shield started off terribly, it grew into something that I felt at times, matched the movies. The kree story lines and Ghost Rider arc from last season were great and the mainframe story was again another great bit of television. I have seen promos for this season and heard a couple of story points about how the team has ended up in space. I am excited to see how they solve this and how the show meshes with the MCU as a whole!


3rd – Adventure Time

Adventure Time is one of those shows you can just flick on a random evening, and watch a few episodes. It’s downright ridiculous but you can’t not love every character and their crazy adventures. Adventure Time isn’t my favourite show of all time, nor is it one I would normally be looking out for, but the fact that it’s been announced as the last season, wants me to make sure I check in. I want to see Jake and Finns’s last adventures and what way they end the beloved show. Until then, we have random episodes for those random evenings.

2nd – Black Lightning

This is a show that I feel is going a little under the radar. Starting in January, which isn’t usually the case for a CW show, it’ll be interesting to see how it does. From the footage I’ve seen, it looks really interesting and more importantly, different. It looks more violent and has its own style and character. With the potential of being in the Arrowverse, this could be a show to look out for.

1st – Daredevil

Daredevil is still my favourite Marvel Netflix show. The 1st series was unbelievable and the 2nd, admittedly wasn’t as good but it introduced us to so much more Daredevil lore. With the introductions of Elektra and The Punisher, we got so much more from this world and the awesome Matt Murdock. Season 3 is bound to deal with what happened in The Defenders but the main thing I’m looking forward to is the return of Kingpin. What a villain and he better bring in Bullseye to go up against Daredevil. Please please don’t focus too much on Elektra, although good, she is getting a little boring as an enemy and it was better when the 2 were a cool ninja fighting team. Give me another corridor scene as well!!

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