2018 Top 3 Most Anticipated Games


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There are lots of great games coming out in 2018 and we can’t wait to get our hands on them. Here’s the top 3 we want to play asap!


3rd – Detroit: Become Human

After playing Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, anything director David Cage seems to create is absolute magic. After seeing Detroit again at E3, albeit briefly, I knew straight away that this is a must have for me and I cannot wait to see what choices we have in store for us.

2nd – Far-Cry 5

Finally bringing the franchise to USA for the first time, you play Hope County’s deputy sheriff. It looks like you will be banding with the unturned townsfolk and take down your enemy in the most ridiculous ways possible. Again as a fan of the franchise from the start, this is one I am particularly looking forward to.

1st – Spider-Man

After catching a glimpse of this at E3 2017, I can safely say I was pumped up. Seeing one of my favourite comic book heroes finally get a game that looks the part, and hopefully plays the part, will be something I cannot wait to try. This game cannot get here quick enough.


3rd – Far Cry 5

It wasn’t until Far Cry 4 that I really began to like this franchise, with their huge open world and endless possibilities, there’s just so much to do. This looks like a huge amount of fun and it seems like Ubisoft are using similar things to Ghost Recon Wildlands. The fact you can drop in and out of Coop is a huge plus for me as I take notions that I want to be part of a team, and then I want to be a one man army. With, I’m assuming, a huge amount of collectibles and side missions, this is a 60+ hour game that I’ll be working on for that sweet sweet platinum trophy.

2nd – Last of Us 2

The one thing that can instantly grasp me in a game, is if the world they created is interesting. It took me nearly a year after the release to play the 1st Last of Us and I loved it. The story element was gripping and the gameplay was excellent. There was never a dull moment and I mean, any game that can hit you in the feels within the 1st 5 minutes has my attention. With only a few teasers to look at, hopefully we get a proper trailer soon and with a time jump seeming likely, I can’t wait to see how these characters and the world has developed!

1st – Spider-Man

This is the 1st game in a very long time that has my immediate attention as soon as any footage of it comes out. I am a huge fan of all the Batman Arkham games and this looks exactly like that, but better. You get to play as Spider-Man and Peter Parker, it’s open world, the combat system looks great and then we have the action sequences that requires button presses at the right time. These ram up the excitement, see Uncharted, and even just to swing around as Spider-Man then freediving is going to be thrilling. Spider-Man 2 on PS2 is one of my all time favourite games, it’s been a long long wait, but we might finally have its rightful successor and I cannot wait!

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