Marvel/Fox Deal Done in 2015?


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2018 has arrived and the dust is just about settling on the huge announcement that Disney is buying Fox. With this there are so many possibilities and fanboys and fangirls are already imagining all of their favorite superheroes appearing together on the big screen. This was definitely one of the biggest pieces of news to hit at the end of last year, and there’s been many questions that followed. How long have these talks been going on? How much money!? And will Deadpool be able to tell Iron man to f**k off? Well we think that Disney buying Fox may have been, at the very least, in motion a full 3 years ago, in 2015.

Let me take you back to 2015 when we got the release of Ant Man, the absolute trainwreck that was Fantastic Four, and more importantly Age of Ultron. Age of Ultron was, by all accounts, an ok movie but during the lead up to it, it was a known thing that we were going to see a hero die. That unlikely hero was going to be Hawkeye. Even in the film, you can almost see it being foreshadowed, we meet his family and how he is going to retire, followed by going back to save one last kid. All classic movie signs pointing towards death. Out of no where, Hawkeye survives and one of our brand new Avengers, who we had just met, Quicksilver, takes the bullets for him, literally. Marvel has never in the MCU killed a character and kept it that way, but Quicksilver got the short straw. The decision behind this choice could be more than what we thought.

Cut back to a year before, in 2014, and we got an introduction to an awesome character in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Yup, you guessed it, Quicksilver. Now everyone remembers that incredible slow motion scene where we get to see Quicksilver take out some guards, a scene which Marvel was never going to top. Here’s our theory then. Marvel seen Fox’s Quicksilver and knew their Quicksilver wasn’t as good, changed Age of Ultron so Marvel’s Quicksilver would die, because Marvel decided to buy Fox and didn’t want 2 Quicksilvers in the same universe.

Marvel’s decision to buy Fox didn’t rest on who had the better Quicksilver, but the plans were definitely in place to make sure there wouldn’t be 2 characters who were the same, in the MCU. That then means Marvel was getting in a position to buy Fox, way back in 2015. It just took 2 years to confirm it all. Thanks to a quick change in Age of Ultron, Marvel don’t have a problem with 2 Quicksilvers when the Xmen finally join the Avengers on the big screen.

What do you guys think of our theory? Would you have liked 2 Quicksilvers?

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