Awards Season 2018


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We had a lot of incredible Comic Book based film and TV this year, and the big questions going into awards season was, will they get recognised? In terms of the Golden Globes, the short answer is no.

The Golden Globes was last night and there wasn’t a single comic book based film or TV show winner. That’s not really the whole truth though. If you follow this kind of thing, you’ll know the nominations were announced last month and there wasn’t a single nomination for any film or TV show that was based on a comic book.

The Golden Globes is known for picking nominations, not based on how good the film was, but how many lunches and handshakes the film can give to the voters. **<—not sure what you mean by the this** So in a sense, the Golden Globes isn’t the be all and end all. The real marker will be if there are Oscar nominations. In the past we have had comic book adaptions get an Oscar nod, and even an Oscar win. The Dark Knight had 8 nominations with 2 wins in Best Sound and Best Supporting actor, but that was nearly 10 years ago. Since then we have had Captain America: The Winter Solider, nominated for VFX, and Suicide Squad (yup) actually won an Oscar for Best makeup and Hair. Could this year change that?

2017 was filled with comic book adaptions that have been critically well received as well as loved by the fans. However there are 2 that stand out and have an excellent chance at receiving, at the very least, an Academy Award nomination. Those 2 movies are Logan and Wonder Wonder. Both were critically well received and both generally loved. Logan could have been seen as a normal movie that just contained comic book characters, not a ‘superhero’ movie. It would be no surprise to see it be nominated for Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. Wonder Woman was not only a great movie, but it was such a culturally significant movie as it was our first female led superhero blockbuster, led by a female director, Patty Jenkins. There is definitely less of a chance for Wonder Woman, but it would be great to see a nomination for Best Director.

We shall find out if comic book movies break into the nominations in a few short weeks. I hope that we see a few nods towards the movies we love, and I feel this is definitely the year that we could. For now, you can throw your Golden Globes in the bin.

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