Thor: The Dark World


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So can lightning really strike twice? This is what I thought when I heard that Thor 2 was due for release, I won’t lie I felt excitement yet also felt quite nervous as well as I really didn’t think this was a character we would of seen a lot of.

We first met Thor in 2011, when in my last review I stated that he was arrogant, impulsive and full of himself, only to learn humility when he is stranded on earth and surrounded by humans. He ended the film a more measured and mature God, which in turn readied him for the events that took place during 2012’s biggest blockbuster The Avengers, where he once again helped save the world from an alien invasion. A little over 12 months he is back for another outing, even if it is somewhat of a silly derivative story.

So we start off with a prologue that shows Thor’s grandfather doing battle with an army of “Dark Elves” led by the menacing Malekith, an angry elf who is hellbent on plunging the world into darkness. His plan revolves around harnessing the power of “The Aether” which is a mysterious destructive force which of course movies films like this need to further their plot. Of course as we know he fails in his efforts, however not before sacrificing the majority of his people and sticking himself and a few survivors into what I can only describe as hibernation. Thor’s grandA meanwhile realises he can’t actually destroy the Aether so instead opts to bury it where no one will be able to find it……… Oh wait it’s found within the first 30minutes of the movie.

It’s nice to learn about Asgard’s back story a bit more but as time waits for no God, we immediately jump forward to the present day where we see Loki imprisoned on Asgard following the events of The Avengers; Thor’s “now” girlfriend Jane Foster is left on earth wondering where he has gone and why he didn’t see her when events where going on. Probably because he was to busy kicking ass and taking names with lady Sif and the Warriors Three. One of my few issues with this movie is that the Warriors soon complete their task, bringing peace to the Realms so early on in proceedings, and they seem to get a lot of action out of the way quickly. We are then left with Thor arguing with his Dad about the differences between a king and a man, while also standing around with his top off for no apparent reason for long periods of the film. Another thing is that you wouldn’t need to follow the plot as it is constantly explained over and over again throughout.

Now what I feel this film’s biggest problem is that I feel it fails to take the Thor Franchise to the next level. Avengers, in my eyes, was such a masterpiece that now all Marvel ‘s standalone superhero movies need to work doubly hard to hit the mark, which to my surprise Ironman 3 managed to do by striping Tony bare, it made you think it might be the end for him. But Thor feels like a less dramatic escalation, yet more of a blandish continuation where the action slightly improves the story. Yet at times feels uninvolving and like its been cobbled together from bits of comic book movies. That said the film does manage to avoid the cliché-ridden city wide destruction that has become a staple of the genre in recent times. The film does manage to find an alternate route to close out, one which cleverly combines action and comedy for a surprisingly satisfying conclusion.


I feel what we have is a good Thor movie but post Avengers we wanted a great one, an epic one. Don’t get me wrong the jokes come thick and fast and we have some fine action sequences but this isn’t enough to carry a movie and with a weak storyline and an even weaker villain, The Dark World never really hits the highs of the first. It just proves that this franchise needs Loki, a lot of Loki as any scenes he is in, are absolute dynamite.


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