Captain America: The Winter Soldier review


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Did we really need another Captain America movie? We saw him kick ass in Cap 1 and then again in The Avengers, surely there isn’t much else for him to do? I didn’t really want to see him adjusting to life in the modern world, working out the internet and why people have viewing boxes in the living rooms. Turns out, this wasn’t just the movie the MCU needed, this was a movie the world needed. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is hands down the best story driven movie in the MCU.


There is so much to love about this movie that it is difficult to know where to start but I will say right out of the gate, Chris Evans nails his performance. Something that defines Cap in the comics is his sense of right and wrong. While this did come across well in the first Captain America, this one took it to another level. When Nick fury is telling Steve about project insight and the helicarriers, you can tell right away how Steve feels about this. You can see that he doesn’t like how the world has changed since he’s been gone. Throughout the movie you can see different traits of this man and how true he is to his values. He is constantly conflicted with himself when he has to work along side Black Widow.

Speaking of Steve and Black Widow’s relationship, I really liked what they did with these characters. I loved the work husband, work wife relationship that they had going on, and how trust plays a big part in it. I could tell as an audience member that Steve did not trust her, which meant that I started to question her true motives. Which is crazy to think about considering the last time we saw her, she was battling along side the team against an alien invasion.  These kind of moments really gripped me and meant that I couldn’t stop watching in case I missed a key scene or important plot point.

The story itself is amazing, and the twist with Hydra is fantastic! The movie was about Steve trying to get to grips with the modern world, but as it turns out, it was his past that was doing all the damage. Zola’s reveal in the bunker was a great twist and Bucky being the Winter Soldier really helped solidify this movie as a true Captain America story.  You would think that a movie with this many twists would be confusing and sporadic, but it never felt like that. It helped build up this world that was driven by fear and mistrust and showed us that things can come back to haunt you.  When Cap was fighting Bucky on the last helicarrier, you could feel that Cap didn’t want to fight. You could see the internal struggle Bucky was having about the fight as well, and all of this really helped pull you into the scene.

The side characters were also handled brilliantly. Falcon’s introduction was great and straight away you could see the true friendship him and Steve were going to have. His back story felt grounded and earned and really helped shape the person you saw on screen. Nick fury was again great. His car escape screen really showed the type of person he was, and his relationship with Shield’s new head, Alexander Peirce, felt like it has existed for years.


This movie will go down as one of MCU’s best. It has story, character, heart, thrill, twists, everything. It is pretty much flawless in my opinion. It shows Cap’s progression into the modern world as well as introducing events into the MCU that are still being felt in the current movies. This isn’t a comic book movie on spies, this is a spy movie based on a comic book!


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