The Flash: Midseason Premiere

The Trial of The Flash

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In the build up to the Flash mid season premiere, it was all about Barry’s trail, The Trial of The Flash. It was something that I thought was going to be a long and intense court case for rest of the season, to then eventually all to be revealed and Barry exonerated. How wrong I was.

This episode really does a good job in playing down the potential intensity and really ruining any uncertainty we may have had. The TV show ‘Suits’ does a great job in portraying court cases and it going one way then the other, then the big twist where they win. In this episode we were literally told through out, oh, it doesn’t matter what we say or do, Barry is going to be guilty. Barry you have to go on the stand and prove your innocence, nah what’s the point, all evidence points to Barry so he’s going to be guilty. It completely takes everything out of the court case and makes it a bit of a pointless 45 minutes.

There where 2 great things about this episode I loved. At the start of the episode they refer back to the jibberish that Barry was saying when he came out of the speed force. I predicted that they would, but in this episode it was mentioned and then cast aside again. I honestly do think that this will be the key to freeing Barry, but we shall have to wait and see. The second great thing was the Barry and Iris conversation in the middle of the court. Barry used his speed to bring Iris into some kind of speed force conversation where they were able to talk normally and everyone else around was still. The effects of this was visually great and the importance of it was significant. Iris wanted to tell the world the Barry was the Flash but Barry explained the importance of not. It was the best moment of the episode, even it was cheapened by Iris asking how is this happening and Barry’s reply being “I don’t know”.

The episode ends with Barry going into jail which to me, is extremely quick. Like I said I thought this court case would be dragged out a couple of episodes. In some cases, that’s a bad thing but I think this could have worked better over a few episodes. It feels rushed but I’ve no idea where they are going with this season so that intrigues me enough to keep watching. It’s going to be an interesting half season if Barry is in jail the whole time, but this time writers, look at Suits for that kind of season. Finally the ‘Henry Allen was here’ message in the wall of the cell, completely unnecessary, cheesy and highly unlikely they would have the same cell, annoying.


The Flash came into it’s second half of the season with a really interesting storyline, ‘The Trial of The Flash’. It could have been intense and interesting but it was over in an episode with even Barry admitting defeat 5 minutes in. The rest of the episode was unnecessary but the Barry/Iris conversation was visually a nice idea. With Barry in jail, I’ve no idea where this season is going which is the reason I’ll be watching the rest of this season.


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