Heath Ledger’s The Joker


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It’s 10 years today that Heath Ledger sadly passed away, leaving behind many great films and performances. One that will always stick out and the performance he is remembered for, is The Joker in The Dark Knight.

The Joker is without a doubt the greatest movie villain we have ever had in a comic book movie. The Joker was menacing and down right insane. The terror he brought in such simple movements and lines, such as clapping in the jail cell when Gordon is promoted. Or the iconic line, “why so serious?”. The way in which this is delivered is chilling and opens up so many possibilities and thoughts when watching, what is this character going to do next?

The most important thing, I feel, that makes The Joker work so well, is how grounded the character is. He is meant to be a crazy clown, which on paper sounds a little silly but it was the complete opposite. The character wasn’t silly, he had a backstory (how did he get those scars), he had a cunning plan and the terrifying thing is that The Joker always thought he was right. The main reason this character came to life in the way it did, was down to the performance of Heath Ledger.

Here at Comic Films MD we want to remember and thank Heath Ledger for bringing us such an iconic character that will never be forgotten, and most likely, never be topped.

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