Oscar Nominees Announced!


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The Academy Award Nominees have been announced, but was there any comic book movies awarded? Yes is the answer, but unfortunately not in the nominees I wanted.

If you read my article about the possible nominations that comic book movies could (and should) get, read here, you’ll know that Wonder Woman and Logan was a big focus. 2 fantastic movies that should get some recognition. Unfortunately Wonder Woman got no nominations which is a shame. And Logan got one nomination in ‘Adapted Screenplay’. This is good but a real shame that the people involved such as Paddy Jenkins, for Wonder Woman, and Hugh Jackman, in Logan, won’t get the recognition they deserve.

It’s not all bad news though. Star Wars Last Jedi was nominated for ‘Sound Editing’ and ‘Original Score’, maybe that will calm down the controversy, wishful thinking. The final comic book movie nomination was Guardians of the Galaxy 2 for ‘VFX’. This is a great nomination that definitely deserves it’s nod. The visuals in the movie were beautiful and honestly, at times it seemed believable.

That’s it for another year of Academy Awards Nominations and unfortunately it doesn’t seem like comic book movies have cracked it just yet. Maybe next year?

Congrats to all the nominations and good luck!

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