New Pacific Rim 2 Trailer


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Check out the trailer below.

This movie has me pumped and this trailer just adds to this.

At first I do like how they are connecting it to the 1st movie with John Boyega’s character being Stacker Pentecost’s son. It ties in nicely but if I had to pick on a little detail, there was literally no mention of a son in the 1st movie (from what I remember, correct me if I’m wrong). This seems a little trivial but in a world ending scenario that Pacific Rim 1 was, you’d think you’d want your family around you. Moving very swiftly on though.

This trailer gave us so much more of the potential story in Pacific Rim 2. It seems like someone from Earth has reopened the Pacific Rim and allowed the Kaiju to terrorize our world again. If I had to speculate, it’s probably something to do with money. However this isn’t the important part, the important part is how they opened it. From the trailer it looks like they used their won Jaegers and used the power to reopen it. Now, not only does this mean we are going to get more sweet sweet Jaeger vs Kaiju battles, it means we are going to get Jaeger vs Jaeger battles.

In the trailer we can see a huge number of Jaegers going at it and the visuals look great! In the first movie we only really got to see 1 Jaeger at a time go at it, bar the 3 Jaegers standing in the sea but we remember how that ended, but in this movie it seems like we could see well over 5 Jaegers go at it. This could be stunning for the eyes and it’ll be interesting to see how they go about the action. Not only do the visuals look great, but the battles look like they are on such a bigger scale with massive destruction and more agile moves. We got the same shot as the last trailer where each Jaeger powers their weapon up and the camera jumps from each one to the next, I love this shot and can’t wait to see it on the big screen.


I can’t wait to see this movie and it looks like everything great from the 1st movie, we are getting even more in the 2nd. However the great thing about this is that we are getting it in a different way. We aren’t saving our world from the Kaiju, we are trying to save it from ourselves. Yes Pacific Rim 2, you may use that tagline for a small fee. I am ready for this. 


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