Westworld Season 2 Trailer


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Super Bowl Sunday was filled with drama (go Eagles), and with that came lots of trailers. Check out our roundup of them here. However one that was a little different from the rest was our first glimpse of Season 2 of Westworld, AND a release date.

Westworld was a show that gripped me from start to finish. If it wasn’t the online theories of who is who, or the multiple timelines, or just the fact that this was a concept that was so intriguing. To have a world where you can go and do anything, a world populated with robots and AI, that has endless possibilities and, potentially, endless worlds.

In the trailer for Season 2, we didn’t get to see much, but what we did get to see, put us straight back into the world of Westworld. We get a creepy voiceover of Dolores, explaining how they can take control of our world, ‘burn it to the ground’ and make it their world. This kind of gives as a small glimpse of what the story line could be in season 2. That piano though, playing through the trailer, it was Westworld all over. We got stunning visuals of bulls running towards Westworld security and taking them out in cool slow motion. Is Maeve controlling those? We are clearly going to see shit hit the fan, starting with the bull’s obviously…

We also got to see our other favourite characters, Bernard is still alive (?) and kicking and we also got to see my favourite character, the man in Black, that slick bastard. By the looks of it, he could now be a prisoner of the AI. The question is though, are we going to see more of the outside world? Where is Westworld set in the real world? Hopefully these are things we will find out and we won’t have long to wait! April 22nd will fly in!


Minor surgery in only the fact that it got me looking forward to the new season, it didn’t make me want to demand the first episode is released now. Of course this is only the first trailer so that’s to be expected. We got awesome images and clips in a montage but there’s so many unanswered questions! Although knowing Westworld, it could be season 5 and we still won’t know all the answers. 


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