New Deadpool 2 Teaser!


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Here it is! Our first footage of Cable and it looks like he is going to seriously kick some ass.

In true Deadpool style we get humour with the VFX not being ready on Cable’s arm, cue Deadpool using toys to create a fight between Deadpool and Cable. It’s stuff like this that sets Deadpool apart, and ahead, from other comic book movies, and even films. No other film could get away with stuff like that. That cheap shot about the mustache though, brilliant.

After Cable is introduced we get to see quick shots of the movie, and it looks like there’s going to be some serious action pieces. From Cable jumping over a huge truck to Deadpool jumping of a railing, potentially in prison? We get to see quick shots of Domino and Negasonic teenage warhead which for me, is enough. It’s important that we have seen Cable because he is the main bad guy, the rest of the movie though, doesn’t need to be explained. We know it’s going to be an awesome, comedic filled movie.

We then get, potentially the first ‘in-movie’ 4th wall break with Deadpool taking another cheap shot at the writing of the movie. I slightly worry that Cable isn’t going to fit the style of Deadpool and he will be too serious, but in looking for a way to fix that, making fun of the writing is nearly top of that list. By making fun of Cable’s lines, you are bringing him into the movie and making him a part of that universe. If this trailer is anything to go by, he’s going to fit right in!


The perfect trailer for Deadpool 2. We get to see Deadpool being Deadpool, we got to see a lot of Cable who looks awesome, when the VFX was ready of course. We didn’t get any story details or where this could go which is a good thing! Sometimes trailers spoil too much but this is going the right way. We can expect maybe another trailer and a few TV spots from now until May 16th, but I honestly don’t need them. Cannot wait. 


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