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It’s our Road to Infinity War reviews and this week we watched Ant-Man!

There’s been a lot of risks in the MCU. Guardians was a risk as it was in space, even beginning the whole MCU could be seen as a risk, but there was no big a risk as this one. Ant-Man was predicted to be the first MCU ‘bomb’. Paul Rudd being primarily a comedian actor, would he fit into this universe? And of course the director change, that is never the best sign about how a film is progressing. However when Ant-Man was released, it went from potentially the biggest bomb, to the biggest surprise in the MCU, ironically.

There has always been different iterations of Ant-Man in the comics. Hank Pym was the original Ant-Man and the creator of the Pym particle. And then there was Scott Lang, the guy chosen by Pym as his successor. Both beloved in the comics so there was always the question of who our MCU Ant-Man would be. Having both in the movie was a master stroke.

With Pym, we got to see a great backstory, in that he wouldn’t work with Shield, with a good cameo from Stark’s dad, immediately connecting to the MCU. It was vital for this movie to connect itself to the MCU. We were then introduced to Scott Lang and the best thing about this, is how he became Ant-Man. He wasn’t just chosen by Pym who gave him a phone call to come round some day, Lang was put through his paces and we got to see him essentially stealing the Ant-Man suit. The bath scene in which Lang puts the suit on for the first time is great and seeing him shrink, with this huge world around him, will always be a great visual moment.

I recently read a post that MCU villains are like the hero, just with a different ‘unlockable’ skin. Now this isn’t true in every movie but Ant-Man is definitely a good example of it. Cross is a well fleshed out character, he worked with Pym and always wanted to recreate the Pym particle. The thing I didn’t really understand is why he is such a psycho. There’s never really any justification except that he’s a mad scientist bent on greed. The only great thing about this villain is the final fight between Cross and Ant-Man, the visuals of the shrinking and growing is amazing. To go from their point of view with the train crashing into them, to the real world where the train is a toy, is such a smart way to show how small they can go.

Another character underused is Hope Pym. Now with recent announcements, see Ant-Man and the Wasp, I totally understand why. They were obviously saving Hope for the next movie to become the Wasp, which was highly indicated in the post credits scene. Back then, it was definitely under serving but with the bigger picture in mind, I can let it slide.

This movie really brings a type of comedy that we didn’t have in the MCU and watching it now, it really is still a great movie. It would be rude for me not to mention Michael Pena as Luis. The comedic timing of this guy is genius and those conversations about who he heard something from, kind of in a flashback type of vibe, was a stand out moment of the movie.


I really can’t majorly fault this movie and that’s why it’s being discharged. It brings, not only a type of comedy we haven’t got before, but a type of heist film we haven’t got before in the MCU. Paul Rudd was definitely a risk but I can’t see anyone who could have played Ant-Man any better than him. Of course the villain is a slight issue, but it was a type of villain we had never got before, and with those big (or tiny as the case may be) set pieces, this brought a completely new thing to the MCU. You can’t ask for much more than that.


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