Venom Teaser Trailer

venom trailer


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This week just hasn’t stopped for trailers! Venom is the latest and I’ll say one thing, it is definitely a teaser trailer.

The trailer shows what looks to be a very serious and somber looking world. This hasn’t been confirmed to be part of MCU (despite the Tom Holland rumors) so I’m OK with it being dark. Venom is a dark character so it would fit into this world nicely. from what little acting we saw, Tom hardy looks like he’ll suit the role just fine, but then again, he is always good in whatever role he’s in.

We saw what looked like the symbiote, which was cool. It appears that it will most likely be crashing to earth and then the government types will be working with it. It will be good to see how Tom Hardy’s character comes into contact with it. Speaking of their connection, the final scene of the trailer shows Tom going crazy and black streaks coming up onto his neck from under his shirt. This is clearly hinting on the way he will transform into venom, and I have to say, it could be a really good way to show that.

There was a lot to love in this trailer but I was kind of hoping for more. That’s more on me than the trailer though. To me, it felt very generic, “everyone has demons..”, while this could be a concept for a movie. there wasn’t anything that stood out. If I hadn’t of known it was a venom trailer, I probably wouldn’t have given it a second thought. Again, this is more about my expectations rather than what the trailer delivers, but I just felt that it was missing that grip.



I was hoping for a lot in this trailer and I came out of it a bit disappointed. That being said, it is a teaser trailer for a movie that is coming out in 9 months, so they have plenty of time to amaze and wow me. I am still very excited to see it!



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