Captain America: Civil War Review

civil war

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With the massive success of Winter Soldier, and the inclusion of pretty much every Avenger, can Captain America: Civil War live up to the comic that inspired it? Or have they finally made a Captain America movie that isn’t good?


I’ll not beat around the bush, this is how you do a superhero movie! This movie is fantastic from start to finish. The character arcs are great, the visuals are stunning, the story is gripping, the list goes on. It felt like a natural sequel to both Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron, not an easy task.

When this movie was first announced, my biggest concern was that it was going to go away from a Captain America  movie, and be  more of an Avengers movie. This wouldn’t be a bad thing, but I feel that it would have taken away from the journey Steve has been on since we met him way back in WW2. That is not the case luckily, and this movie does a fantastic job of having all these massive characters on screen, while never taking away from Steve himself. We follow his journey and ghosts from his past, but we are also shown the larger MCU  and how, just because people want the same thing, doesn’t mean they want to go about it the same way. It is Civil War after all, so we needed a big character to stand against Steve and his fight for righteousness, the other big player in this movie was Iron Man.

RDJ was great in this. We clearly see his motivations and what drives him to do what he does and why he believes in the accords. He has done some terrible things, why wouldn’t he be made accountable for them? His arc with Bucky is great too and you feel the pain he has when finding out Bucky killed his parents.  This connection between Steve’s old life and new also helped defined who he was and what he stands for. Their conflict pours over to include all the other Avengers and it was great to see how their characters felt about the registration act. None of their actions felt out of place and out of character, which is a credit to the writers and the cast.

I cant talk about the characters without talking about the 2 new ones introduced,  Black Panther and Spider-man. Both of them were awesome in their own way. Black Panther was great and was it was good seeing a different aspect of a super hero. We aren’t told a great deal about him but after the death of his father, we see the kind of man he is. We see how he is originally driven by anger and revenge but by the end, we see that he has to be strong for his country and for his people.

Then there’s Spider-man. When this was announced, every fan both freaked out and started their own ideas of who and what they wanted for the new Spider-man. Tom Holland nailed it, Marvel’s perfect casting at work again. The suit was great, the quips were great, the action was great. Spider-man was done perfectly. no question.

The action of the movie was also great. The airport scene will go down in MCU history as one of the most awe-inspiring spectacles on screen.  Seeing all the Avengers fighting against each other was something I never thought I’d see, but I am very glad I did. The trailer had shown Spider-man and the other Avengers but the giant man twist was a great addition to an already fantastic set piece. The other  actions scenes were also really good. The Crossbones chase was great and was a good way to introduce the Sokovia Accords. The final fight with Cap and Tony was also great and it felt earned, not just a fight for the sake of a fight.

Now it wasn’t a perfect movie. it did suffer from the usual MCU condition of not having a really good villain. Zemo wasn’t bad by any means, but he just felt a bit tacked on. I enjoyed his plan and understood it, but I understand the main complaint, that a lot of it was down to luck rather than planning. It is called Civil War so I cant really fault this secondary villain too much, but it is a negative against an otherwise perfect movie.


Even with a slightly weak villain, Captain America: Civil War is the definition of a super hero movie. I didn’t think I could enjoy a movie more than Winter Soldier but then I saw this. That is 2 for 2 for the Russo Brothers, and this really has me excited to see what they can do with Infinity War.

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