Pacific Rim 2 New Trailer!

Pacific Rim 2 trailer

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We only just got a Pacific Rim 2 trailer a couple of week ago but another one has dropped! The closer we get to a release date, the more footage we are going to get and more improved CGI, and by the looks of it, this movie is going to be crazy.

The trailer begins with the music we have had the past couple of trailers, yes we are definitely war ready. It then moves into a more intense soundtrack and it really fits with the visuals on the screen. This trailer was all about showcasing the battles that the Jaegers are going to have with the Kaiju, and even with each other. The one shot of the Jaeger being dragged along the ground like a toy, then shooting it’s canon looks epic!

Everything in this trailer really shows that Pacific Rim 2 is really ramping up the action compared to the first movie. The battles are going to be bigger, the destruction is going to be bigger, the Kaiju are bigger, basically everything is bigger. This movie looks awesome from the colours to the different types of weapons and fighting styles. It really looks like the type of movie you can just sit back and enjoy. I mean, who doesn’t love big robots fighting monsters and destroying cities.


Side note – Big props for having no ‘teaser trailer at the start of the trailer’. Those are not needed!


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