Black Panther No Spoiler Review

Black Panther movie review

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In case you didn’t notice, this review has NO SPOILERS for Black Panther so feel free to read if you haven’t seen the movie!

There is huge hype and anticipation around Black Panther and, unless you live in a bubble, it’s being hailed as one of the best, if not thee best, Marvel movie ever. I’m not going to give my overall opinion in this review, just what can be expected.

Black Panther is of course the main character in this movie, but another important character is Wakanda itself. We are introduced into this world in a great way and we get to see the range of culture and the people who are a part of it. I would almost go to say that even though this is a movie set in the MCU, it doesn’t feel like a Marvel movie, and I mean that as very complimentary. It’s something we really haven’t seen before at all.

Without going into individual characters or too much detail, every character is a scene stealer. Each have their own specific arc through out the movie, with different motives behind their actions, each one fully justified. It’s hard to flesh out every character in a movie but Black Panther does it better than any movie I can think of. Not only are we treated to great performances, the visuals around the characters are stunning and the locations are mesmerising.

Everything in Black Panther fits so well in the world that Ryan Coogler has built and none of it feels out of place. Everything has a great purpose and you can feel the rich history within this secret world. Black Panther is a movie that will not disappoint MCU fans, and it definitely won’t disappoint general movie fans either.

Don’t forget! There is 1 mid credit scene and 1 end credit scenes so keep your bum in that seat!

Our Spoiler review of Black Panther will be out Monday so check it out when you’ve seen the movie!

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