Infinity War: Who dies?

Avengers Infinity War trailer review

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In 2 months exactly, Infinity War is going to be in our cinemas in the UK, and it’s going to be huge. We are going to see all of our favourite characters from the past 18 movies team up and try to defeat Thanos. There’s going to be battles, there’s going to be time travel, and it’s going to get emotional! The one thing the MCU has lacked is meaningful deaths but Infinity War could (probably) change that!  Let’s take a look at the potential deaths.

Captain America

It’s been widely speculated that Captain America is going to die in Infinity War and that the mantle will be taken up by either Falcon or by the return of Bucky. I’m a huge fan of Captain America so I might be in denial, but I cannot see him dying in Infinity War. The way that his story arc has developed after Civil War, he could easily be a fringe character who doesn’t really appear but is then called upon in the big battles. At the minute, this is what Nick Fury is like, he hasn’t been seen bar a few cameos because he has gone dark, the exact same thing could happen with Captain America. It means we get to keep Cap in the universe and it allows other characters to come to the forefront, hey Black Panther.

Iron Man

Iron Man is the other favourite to leave a hole in our heart and die in Infinity War. However, I think it’s just too obvious a choice to die. There is no set replacement to become the new Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr is the main man of the MCU. I do think it could be another Nick Fury situation, he could disappear and shy away from the limelight because ‘he came so close to death’ in Infinity War. It would be huge if Tony Stark dies and to be honest, it does make sense, but it just seems too obvious to me.


This is my wild card pick. I do think Spider-Man is going to die, bear with me now. Obviously there is going to be a Spider-Man 2 and there’s no way Marvel are going to get their poster boy for the MCU just to kill him, but I do think he is going to die in Infinity War. Tony Stark and Doctor Strange will then go back in time and save him. So he’s going to be alive by the end of the movie, but I am pretty certain he’s going to die during the film. If you want proof, see the images from the 2 trailers, 1 with Peter in space holding on in his normal suit, then another on the same machine with the Iron-Spider suit. Spider-Man is going to die, Tony goes back in time, gives him the Iron-Spider suit and he survives.

Nobody dies

As I said before Marvel has had no meaningful deaths so far in the MCU so why would they start now. Isn’t the better option to be able to have all the awesome characters we love available to cameo in any movie we want. Just because Thanos is the greatest villain the MCU has faced, and just because Infinity War is the culmination of the entire MCU, doesn’t mean there’s going to be a death…right?

Avengers Infinity War is released in 2 months exactly and we will find out then! Bring the tissues because it’s going to get emotional!


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