Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 review

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Thinking back on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, I remember enjoying the movie and I remember having a good time at the cinema. The issue is, I don’t remember a lot about the film itself. I could give you a quick rundown of the plot but I don’t remember specifics. That led me to the conclusion that this was possibly a good movie, but a forgettable one, so I was interested when watching it again to see if I’d feel the same.

Guardians starts straight off by setting the tone of the movie and the tone that we all enjoyed from the first movie. We see little baby Groot dancing away to music while the other Guardians battle a huge monster in the background. It’s a nice way to start the movie and gets you comfortable in your seat. From there though, it gets a little too comfortable.

This movie was always going to be about Starlord’s father and finding out who he is. Although we do meet Ego the living planet, the movie just kind of stalls. The Guardians don’t really do a lot except stay in this hotel of sorts. With this happening, the movie begins to really lean in on the comedy, so much so that they may as well be holding ‘Laugh’ cue cards. It might sound like I’m completely bashing this, but I’m not. Some jokes are funny and there’s definitely a lot of enjoyable moments, but there’s some that really aren’t. You have to feel Drax has went from being this mighty moody warrior to a joke a minute character. Again some work but some just don’t and it seems like a massive stall on his character arc.

While Starlord is bonding with daddy, we do get a good conflict between Nebula and Gamora. This is a straight continuation from the first movie but it’s more fleshed out here and we get a lot of great action set pieces. These occur in the last 30 minutes of the movie which I do think are it’s strongest. It becomes intense and it gets emotional, the death of Yondu is something that hits hard and we do lose a great character from this franchise. I’m not even going to repeat his daddy line as no one wants to cry reading a review.


These characters are great and Rocket and Baby Groot are at their best, they just don’t seem to do a lot for a big part of this movie. It’s great to know more about Starlord’s back story but for Vol. 3, let’s get them back on a big adventure. Music and visuals are the best they have been though. 


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