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Jessica Jones Season 2 review

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been counting the days down until season two of ‘Jessica Jones’! The first season came out in November 2015 and we caught up with her across the Netflix MCU shows, ‘Luke Cage’ and the ‘Defenders’ last summer. In Defenders, Jessica seems her usual alcoholic, stubborn but loveable self, and is looking to be dealing pretty well with her casual lover, Luke Cage and his new relationship with the only f***ing nurse in the entire MCU?

‘Jessica Jones’ season one was probably my favourite of all the Netflix MCU TV shows. Honestly I think as a character Jessica, might be my favourite MCU superhero full stop. I’m not the biggest fan of how women are generally portrayed in the MCU universe, I don’t feel there are many aspirational characters to look up to unlike DC. DC really have created loads of very empowering characters like ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Super Girl’, both having a stand alone film and TV show respectively. What have Marvel really done? Dun-Dun-Dun ‘Jessica Jones’. What I love so much about Jessica is that she is who she wants to be; she lives in a run down apartment as a private detective; she takes control of her work life, she’s never afraid to say no; and she dresses in what she wants! Jessica doesn’t dress for anyone but herself, sometimes she looks like she’s woke up hungover still wearing her clothes from the night before with greasy hair and girl, don’t we all relate.

In season one, we didn’t find out a lot about Jessica’s past, only that her parents died in a tragic accident where she was adopted by her long time bestie, Trish’s parents. Her general relationship with Kilgrave (David Tennant who is unbelievable in this) before season one left her pretty shook up suffering with PTSD. As we find out Kllgrave has the ability to get inside your mind, making you do things you don’t want to. As season one progresses we find out that under Kilgrave’s mind control he made Jessica kill **MAJOR SPOILER ALERT** Luke Cage’s wife. Understandably Jessica isn’t Kilgrave’s biggest fan and when Luke Cage finds out he isn’t really feeling the “where is this going” convo with Jessica anymore, so lets just draw a line under some of those super intense sex scenes between the two of them.

Killgrave as a bad guy, OMG it was like the return of Barry Crouch JR except more evil and with super powers. Ultimately I think a lot of other superhero shows need to take note of how effective a character can be from the writing alone. My biggest pet peeve is where TV shows, and even some movies, think a badly rendered CGI, PS1 looking character is going to scare me more than a normal evil human being (cough cough cough Grodd from the Flash). What is so powerful about Kilgrave is his manipulation of other humans, through his charisma, being well dressed and confident even without his super powers he isn’t far off that of some other manipulative leaders like Hitler or even Trump. What I think was a fantastic underlying theme, that was addressed so delicately through this season, was the idea of consent. Jessica repeatedly accuses Killgrave of ‘raping her’ but in his eyes she never said no because he was controlling her, but what is made very clear is that she never said yes. A tough story line to deal with but I feel it was done really well, perhaps slightly ahead of it’s time in light of the current #metoo campaign. At the end when Jessica finally overpowers his manipulation and kills him, there’s a sense of relief and pride in her overcoming one her many ghosts.


I know a lot of people that dislike Jessica, because let’s just be honest the whole way through season one she is a bit of a b*tch, but you have your whole family murdered, then you’re controlled, raped and forced to kill someone by a rogue Dr. Who that you thought was killed but wasn’t, then had to kill him yourself, I think you’d be a bit cranky too. I don’t have a lot of negatives about season one other than I’d love to see more. At one point Trish says to Jessica about the many ghosts of her past, I reckon Kilgrave was just one of many traumatic experiences that have caused Jessica to be the recluse, alcoholic that she is. Rumours of season two are saying it will be a much slower pace and much more focus on finding out who Jessica is, I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

Jessica Jones Season 2 is released tomorrow, March 8th on Netflix!


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