Tomb Raider to break video game curse?

Tomb Raider video game curse

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The latest reboot of Tomb Raider is set to be released this Friday and it looks action packed, with Alicia Vikander looking perfectly suited to be the live action Lara Croft. Although history is not on it’s side as most, if not all, video game adaptions have been critically panned and some don’t even hit well with the fans.

In the 1990s, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat were 2 video game adaptions that I remember very well. I also remember enjoying them, it was good to see the fighting characters come to life. Looking back, both are very well suited to the 90s and both have not aged well. Street Fighter is a bit of a mess and Mortal Kombat is cheesey and the VFX are eye catching, but that’s being a little unfair. One thing Mortal Kombat did well was that it took its story straight from the video game, it was a tournament that Liu Kang went to to get revenge for his brothers death and kill Shang song.

The 00s brought around the original Tomb Raider which I personally see as a good movie, we get Anjolina Jolie as a great Lara Croft, we got tombs raided and we get some crazy time warp thing. OK, the time thing was a bit far fetched, even for a video game adaption but it was still a good movie. The 00s also brought us potentially the most successful video game adaption franchise in Resident Evil. It’s not often that video game adaptions get a second movie, but this spawned a complete franchise with 7 movies. I’ll admit, I lost interest after the 4th as they weren’t good movies but the 1st and arguably the 2nd are really great movies. The first is a simple story line and it’s a suspenseful horror movie. The second we get to see Racoon city and zombies in their masses and it’s a real service to fans of the games.

The 10s have been a bit of a disaster with video game adaptions. Two of the biggest being Warcraft and Assassins Creed. Both pretty awful movies in my opinion which is a shame as I’m a big fan of the games, especially assassins creed. The reason they failed is they changed too much, the story in Assassins Creed was ridiculous and just too hard to follow. You have a great video game with a great story, it’s right there for you, just adapt that.

Looking back, I do feel the ‘video game curse’ is a relatively new thing, maybe because we are all movie critics now and expect a high standard. It can’t be denied though, that there have been some great video game adaptions, we just haven’t got one lately. With Tomb Raider coming out, I think this could be different. We are getting an origin story for Lara, that makes it different from its 2001 counterpart, so they can’t be comparable. We are also getting shots straight from the game as well, something that is an obvious thing to do yet so many film makers don’t. If there’s fans of something that’s really good, it’s a good idea to include it in your film.

Personally, I’m not convinced there’s a widespread ‘video game curse’, there’s no denying though there has been some stinkers in recent years. With Tomb Raider I’m going to call it and say this will be, not only a good video game adaption, but a good, fun movie. With the Resident Evil franchise now ended, maybe Tomb Raider can be the next video game movie franchise, here’s hoping.

Tomb Raider is out Thursday 15th, check out our review of the movie then!


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