New Infinity War Trailer!

Avengers Infinity War Trailer 2

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Check out the new trailer below!

After A LOT of waiting and some cheeky teasing on Twitter and Instagram by the Russo brothers, the second trailer for Marvel’s Infinity War is here! Holy sh*t it did not disappoint.

This trailer does everything it needed to. It gave us more explanation of Thanos’ plan, his black order, and his reasoning behind it all. While many comicbook fans would see this as wasted time, the everyday movie goer can now see why this big purple guy is considered such a villain. We saw more of him speaking and him with and without armour. It didn’t spoil anything but gave us so much!

The action this trailer showed was so gripping that I kind of wish it was the movie and not the trailer. We had more of Wakanda and Titan, more character interactions, and more displays of abilities. There was never a time I thought I would see Starlord and Ironman standing next to Drax talking about who would make a better plan.

This trailer left me with goosebumps. Seeing Cap at the end with Thanos was awe inspiring. This is a guy who always stood up to bullies, and now is literally fighting Infinity stones in hand to hand combat! Starlord and Ironman back and forth was great as well! I cannot wait to see the Guardians dynamic with Ironman.


Maybe it’s just the hype, but I cannot remember a time a trailer left me with so much gratification and anticipation. There was so much, yet so little. It ends with Spider-man, in the Ironman suit, swinging between the ruins of Titan, while avoiding the shattered pieces of a moon, destroyed by Infinity stones , wielded by one of the most powerful beings in the universe. That kind of sets the level of this movie!


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