Ready Player One Final Trailer

Ready Player One Book vs Movie

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In the excitement and anticipation of another trailer, no guesses for which one, you may have missed the release of the final trailer for Ready Player One! There has already been a lot of marketing for this movie, but they really did save the best trailer to last.

The last few trailers have been a bit of a mash up of striking visuals and Easter eggs for people to spot. They havnt really delved into what the story is, what the oasis is. For someone who has read the book, I was able to enjoy these trailers but that’s only because I knew the story already. If you are someone who hasn’t read the book, you probably have no idea what is going on. Finally in this trailer, it really explains and lays it out what this move is all about. Halliday, who created the Oasis, passed away leaving a trail of clues which you must solve to find keys, these keys can unlock his fortune and complete control of the Oasis.

In this trailer we get even more of a look at the craziness of the Oasis. The beginning shot where different worlds are folded into each other, a particular highlight. It really gets across well that the Oasis is everything and anything. I mean who wouldn’t want to see a T-Rex destroy cars while a Delorean drives past along with a Tron cycle. That’s just crazy.

Even with all the visuals, the important thing is the story here. I really hope this is the focus and not how many different Easter eggs and franchises they can fit in one sequence. It doesn’t have to be all about that because within that, there is a great great story that hopefully translates on screen really well.


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Ready Player One is out 29th February!

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