Spider-Man 3 review

Spider-Man 3

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This movie was meant to have it all, Sandman, a new Green Goblin, and of course, Venom! It had all the great cast back and the same director. What could go wrong?


I’ll start by saying what I enjoyed about this movie, Venom fully suited looked cool and the origin sequence for Sandman was great. There we go, now that the positives aspects are covered, I’ll explain why this movie was so terrible.

This movie was the first to introduce too many villains into a single story. While the concept of having a villain linked to Peter’s past is always a good thing, the way Sandman was connected just felt forced and unearned. It belittled the death of uncle Ben and turned it into a cheap connection point for Spider-Man and Sandman. It didn’t even pay off, with Sandman doing very little in the movie and feeling like a goon rather than a threat. His backstory with his daughter tried to add character to him but it felt very 1 dimensional and not believable.  The actor who played him, Thomas Haden Church, did a good job with what little he had.

The second villain introduced, if you can call him that, was Harry Osborn’s Green Goblin. He was in the movie for 2 minutes at the beginning and then for a couple of minutes during the final fight scene. His hatred for Peter that started at the end of the last film was completely wasted. This was a character that had been in the movies since the beginning, his father was the first Spider-Man villain we had on screen. Harry’s best friend , in his eyes, murdered his father, a man he feared yet admired. There was enough there to make a 3 movie arc, yet they decided to add Sandman than delve into this. His sacrifice left me feeling emotionless, he hadn’t been in the movie and I had almost forgotten he was there.

Now, the final villain, Venom. This was a joke! While I admit that he looked awesome, all he had to do was open his month and every aspect of fear was taken away. Topher Grace should not have been cast in this role. that is not against him as a actor. But I feel his casting for a role of a crazy fear inducing alien just didn’t work. he looked awkward when he had the mask removed and having being defeated by sound just felt cheap. There really isn’t much to say about him, as he was only in the movie for the final fight scene, which by the way is a good thing. It meant that his terrible presence was kept to a minimum.

To say that only the villains were the problem in the movie is an understatement. Once Spider-man got the black suit, the movie just went down hill. His moody, guy liner wearing self just felt off. changing a personality could be OK, but he looked like he wanted to hide away from the world, yet was out being an ass to MJ and dancing on the street. Obviously the less said about the latter the better. These weak story points were all over the movie. Having the Osborn butler tell Harry about his father’s wounds this long after, felt like a plot point. The symbiote crashing beside Peter felt like a plot point, Brock hating Peter felt like a plot point. Everything felt forced.


I wish I could say there is something to like about this movie, but honestly there is no reason to watch it. The first two Spider-Man movies, while not perfect, were fun to watch and hold up pretty well. Having this movie take place in the same bracket as them, almost taints them. I cannot recommend this movie to anyone.


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