Santa Clarita Diet – Season 2

Santa Clarita Diet Season 2

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Santa Clarita Diet is one of those shows you can put on, turn your brain off and enjoy. I enjoyed the first season, you can find my thoughts about it here, and I anticipated the same for this season. What we got though was a season I enjoyed even more than the first.

We pick up pretty much straight from where we left season 1 with Sheila being chained to the basement. All within episode 1, that wraps up pretty quickly and we even get the serum made to make sure Sheila stops deteriorating. It feels that it’s trying to move on from season 1 quickly as not to drag on the same storyline. A smart move even if it does feel a little fast. This does allow for Season 2 to stand on its own and be its own story.

I said in my previous article that the 2 strengths of this show is the uniqueness of it’s familiar storyline, the fact Sheila is pretty much a zombie in a normal family just trying to deal with things the best they can; and the comedy and chemistry of the show’s stars. Season 2 just improves on both of these even more. We get familiar TV and movie storylines, zombies need to eat and murder will get you caught, but with a completely fresh new take. Through out the season, particularly at the end, there is a real sense of panic from Joel that he’s not going to be able to keep his family together. When one situation is solved, another presents itself and it never got boring. I always enjoyed seeing them get into a situation and seeing their reactions. Some slightly cheesy, but Barrymore and Olyphant drive the show on making it funnier and more enjoyable than it should be. Olyphant plays a man on the edge, just trying to keep his family together, so well that every second he’s on screen is brilliant.

The writing definitely seems to be helping them this season as well. We get rewarded for remembering jokes and throw away lines from a couple of episodes ago, making the punchlines even funnier. They also delve further into the mythology of this virus and we find that out where it all started, with some dodgy Serbian clams. I didn’t really get it last season but I started to believe and became interested in it, bar the weird spider thing. That felt thrown in there for a couple of extra minutes and a side storyline that never went anywhere.

However, it seems that there is a lot left of this story that could be told in a 3rd season. We have the weird spiders which might become something and we have 2 ‘protectors’ or ‘ancestrial knights’ who protect the world from this disease being released. They blew the clam shed up and the last thing we heard from them was that they are going to hunt down anyone infected and kill them, that means Sheila. It was a great way to end of the series with Sheila and Joel being caught by suspecting Anne. Her revelation that Sheila is doing ‘God’s work’ was really well connected and was definitely a good way to end the series!


This might be generous but I can’t really fault this show for what it is and the story it tells. We have strong characters telling a familiar story in a unique, really comedic way. I enjoyed it start to finish and was sad to see the finale roll by so soon. Here’s hoping for a season 3


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