Amazing Spider-man 2 Review

Amazing Spider-Man 2

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After the less than great Amazing Spider-man, can Andrew Garfield’s last installment as the web slinger make up for the first one’s short comings? Short answer? no.


This shall be a quick review on this movie because, as with Spider-man 3, the less spoken about this movie, the better. This movie did not learn from any of the movies that went before it. It took all of the bad aspects of Spider-man 3 and the Amazing Spider-man and melded them into a single movie.

Andrew Garfield is not a bad Spider-man, i ant to ge that out of the way right at the start. he just doesnt work as Peter parker. his relationship with Gwen, while actually dating Emma Stone in real life, felt forced and fake. It felt more like a sit-com than a relationship. His stupid side arc with his fathers vieo message didnt make any sense and just added drama where there was no need.

Speaking of Stupid arcs, Electros back story and origin were so rediculous. In a comicbook movie, I can buy the fact that falling into an electric eel tank can give you super powers, but his character change becuase of it just felt totally out of left field. Visually he did look good but he just did not work. Jamie Fox is a fantastic actor but this is a movie that he should have passed on.

To make this movie even worse, they decided to added the Green goblin in it by using yet another stupid back story and forced origin. He looked horrible and not in a good way. This movie had copied alot of the original Spider-man movie but it did it in such a bad way, it felt like a straight to DVD parody. The osborn cells of superhero suits was a nice easter egg but also meant that all of Spider-man’s villians were from Oscorp? Talk about repetition.

All of these terrible sotry decisions led to an awful final battle. The music based electro attack took me right out of the movie and the look of the Green Goblin meant I couldnt take him seriously when he was on screen. Gwens death was sad, don’t get me wrong, but it just didnt feel earned. We had seen her in 1 movie and a bit in this one, there wasnt enough history there to make the death hit. The web Spider-man shot that turned into a hand, while stupid, worked for me, one of the few things that did.



The movie should not have been made. It had the same failings and multi-villian filled lack of story that spider-man 3 did, and all the nonsense that Amazing Spider-man had. I know Andrew Garfield loved playing Spider-man because he had been a fan since he was a young boy. This movie sadly is not for Spider-man fans, or fans of movies in general.


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