Top 3 ‘The Rock’ movies

The Rock looking all mean

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is without a doubt, the world’s biggest superstar actor right now. Everything he does, pulls in the numbers and makes the money. Rampage is his latest potential sleeper hit, (our review for it will be up Thursday), so in anticipation we have decided to take a look back at The Rock’s top 3 movies so far. Tooth Fairy and Scorpian King do not make this list.

3rd – Moana

Moana had to make it in the top 3 for me because it’s a great Disney movie and it’s different to what Johnson normally does. It would be easy for the top 3 to be all Fast and Furious movies, so I wanted it to be different and a little more diverse. Moana is just a fun story with a really great look at the culture. Johnson sings and the character is pretty much him in a nut shell. If you don’t have those songs stuck in your head, you’re probably dead inside.

2nd – Jumanji

I was a big fan of the original and when the sequel/reboot was announced, I was unsure. It could have failed so easily. Then The Rock came along. This was a massive sleeper hit and you can’t deny that Johnson had a big part in that. Alongside Kevin Hart, Karen Gillian and Jack Black, they make every second enjoyable with some really comedic moments. It makes this movie go from a one off, to another potential franchise starter.

1st – Fast 5

What an entrance into a franchise this is. If you’re 5 deep into a franchise with all the original characters returning, it’s hard to become a fan favourite, it’s hard to not only just become a fan favourite, but to take this franchise to levels it couldn’t even go to, is really something. The no nonsense Hobbs kicks the shit out of everyone and I’ll never tire of him and Vin Diesel trying to one up each other. A great movie and one of the top reasons we have 8 of these movies now, with a 9th on the way.

The Rock is truly a superstar it doesn’t seem to be stopping with a frankly ridiculous 16 ‘upcoming projects’ on IMDB. Rampage could be a turning point but chances are, it’s definitely not going to be. If anything, it’s probably going to be another smash hit. Show me your trees that grow money Dwayne, tell me your secrets!

Rampage is out Thursday 12th April! Check out our review then!


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