Spider-Man Homecoming

Spider-Man Homecoming

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It’s the last of our Spider-Man MCU  TBT and we look at the one that had one massive advantage over the rest. It was FINALLY part of the MCU. One of Marvel’s main comic book heroes was now sharing the same screen with the heroes we had been following for the past 9 years. The brand new Spider-Man was introduced in Captain America: Civil War and then it was time for his first solo origin story that wasn’t an origin story.

What a casting. Tom Holland has the boyish look that is needed to play Spider-Man and Peter Parker. Something that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield just didn’t have. Tobey was a good Peter Parker, Garfield was a good Spider-Man, but Holland is a good Peter Parker and Spider-Man. He has that awkward charm that Peter should have and the kid curiosity that Spider-Man should have. Being locked in a warehouse should be boring, but it’s made interesting and funny when Peter is figuring out all the new skills his brand new suit has. It’s made fun and he’s able to share his problem with his own JARVIS, Karen. It really does bring across the point that Parker is just a kid. The scene epitomising this is when Parker is stuck under the debris of a building and is literally screaming for help. The sense of vulnerability is so strong and hits right in the feels.

The villain, up to this point in the MCU, could be the best one off villain we have had. The movie started off with his back story, not of Spider-Man’s. It was of someone working hard for his family and for it to be taken away by the government. You can almost understand his reasoning for becoming a bad guy and stealing Chitauri items to sell on the black market. It makes him relatable and watching back, it’s clearly a big influence for Killmonger in Black Panther. If you can make a villain relatable and not some CGI monster, it’ll be more intense and thrilling. Speaking of intense, that car scene was fantastic. I did not see the twist coming at all, where Liz was Adrian Toomes’ daughter, and Michael Keaton really continues his resurgence as a top class actor.

The rest of the movie is ok. There’s nothing amazing about it, but there’s nothing bad about it either. Happy is a dick through out which feels weird for his character, and I think we were completely oversold on how much Ironman would be in this. We got no shot in the movie of Spider-Man swinging and Ironman flying side by side, which was a main shot of the trailer. Maybe a missed opportunity but this wasn’t about other avengers, this was about Spider-Man. With Spider-Man we got an enjoyable movie and potentially, more of the best Spider-Man we have got on the big screen. No Uncle Ben either, no one needs to see him die for a third time.



Tom Holland continues the MCU perfect casting streak and really drives this movie forward, making it enjoyable and entertaining. There never seemed to be real over arching arc for the story, it was just minor story lines all fighting for screen time. For an origin story that wasn’t an origin story, it’s a great entry into the MCU. 


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