Westworld Season 1 Review

Westworld Season 1

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Westworld Season 2 is premiering this Friday so I decided to rewatch season 1. Partly because it’ll be a good article for the lead up of course, and partly because I was hoping to understand so much more than I did the first time.

When there’s a big twist or a big reveal in a tv show or a movie, it always interests me to rewatch it, knowing what I know now. It’s a different way to watch the show and it means you notice much more. The 2 big reveals, I’m talking about of course Bernard being revealed as one of the robots, and William being revealed as the Man in Black. It makes their stories so much more interesting knowing the reveals and you can see the connections through out the series. There’s so much little hints that the first time round you might have missed. It just proves how well written the show is that through out the season, it was all building up to those.

Of course it’s not just building up to those 2 reveals. There are a number of storylines through out that interweave and it’s this that Westworld excels at. The main underlying story of one of the park creators, Arnold caused an accident that would deem the park closed forever. Of course this didn’t happen, but it’s the main driving factor for all characters, You have Maeves storyline that seems unconnected but in a few throw away lines, you find that she was Arnold’s back up plan if the park wasn’t closed. You also have Ford, the other creator of the park who disagreed with Arnold and ultimately kept the park open even after Arnold’s death. There’s definitely an argument for Ford going a bit insane; I mean he did rebuild his mate as a robot and gets him to kill a few people while not even telling him he’s a robot; but Ford realises the error of his ways and uses Arnold’s plan to get park shut down and be shot in front of everyone.

This is all without even mentioning the oldest model in the park, Dolores. Everyone is on top form with their performances, (I never thought I’d see Jimmi Simpson as anyone other than a McPowell brother but he’s that good I forgot about my urge that I wanted him to lift a glass of milk), but Evan Rachel Wood is amazing. The emotion portrayed in scenes as well as the ability to literally turn emotion or actions on and off, when literally asked to, is fantastic. It’s this kind of range that makes a Westworld believable and never takes, quite a far fetching world, away from us and never takes us out of the moment. Although with tomorrow’s technology, is it really that far fetched?


A fantastic TV show that is worth watching at least a couple of times to fully appreciate everything in the show. From the sets, to the characters, to the world behind Westworld, every little detail is worth finding and enjoying. Season 2 looks to be going in a different direction and it’s going to be hard to top season 1, but hopefully it can! Plus, Samurai world! It’s happening!



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