Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Final Trailer Review

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Universal have released what should be the final trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and we finally get a few good glimpses of the “most dangerous creature in the world.”

This trailer introduces us the the black market side of the Dino world, which is something that I cannot wait to see. It talks about the selling and supply of these dinosaurs to the highest bidders, so it will be exciting to see how this plays out in the movie.

We also get a good chunk of dialogue from Jeff Goldblum’s Ian Malcolm. Obviously you can never get enough Jeff Goldblum, and hearing him say “Welcome to Jurassic World” was a very nice nostalgia trip.  Whether he has a big role in it, is still yet to be seen.

All the dinosaurs look great as well. The new “indoraptor” looks believable and the T-rex and velociraptor, blue, look great as well. It is good to see Dinosaurs in an environment that doesn’t consist of open plains and forrest.

This trailer does have me worried however. It opens with  Chris Pratt joking around while standing next to the sedated T-Rex. This was a creature that struck fear into the hearts of millions when it was introduced in the 90s, and now we see people joking around while they stand inches from its month. The tone quickly changes when the Dino wakes up but sudden changes like that make me worried that the film will be a mess of wrongly timed jokes and irrelevant action moments.

This trailer also seems to play out the story beat for beat. Which means that they might not be any big surprises when it comes to seeing the movie. The idea of having to go back onto the island to save the dinosaurs seems wasted now because we now know that they aren’t being saved. They are being collected. This, to me anyway, belittles what seems be a massive part of the film.



This trailer does show off a lot of great stuff from the next Jurassic World movie. However the bad editing (we see the indoraptor in the house several times before the big “window opening scene”) and flat jokes have me concerned that this movie could miss the mark when it comes to being a great dinosaur thriller. 



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