Avengers: Infinity War


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There was an idea. Those are the famous words of Nick Fury which symbolise the beginning of this massive cinematic universe, and what a journey it has been. 18 movies spanning across 10 years and it’s all been leading to this, Avengers Infinity War.

From Iron Man 1, we got introduced to Tony Stark, a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist. A good movie in its own right and that would have been that. The importance of this movie is the birth of the after credits scene. Certainly not unique, but special in the way it was implemented. It laid the foundation for the next movie and continued to build this world. To let the viewers know, there’s more to this than what you’ve seen.

Avengers 1 was our first big team up. It felt special and it was. We had got solo movies for nearly every Avenger and it cannot be stressed how important that was to it’s success. With every solo movie, we got a focused introduction to a character that gave them the spotlight. We fell in love with each character and wanted to see more. The fact that we got to see them all on screen together, was massive. It is still be Marvel’s highest grossing movie worldwide and that’s not a coincidence. With Avengers we knew there was a universe but it was in this movie we got a glimpse that there’s a bigger story occurring. In that after credits scene we got our first glimpse of Thanos. He didn’t say a word, he just smiled and the fact that just a smile sent everything into overdrive, is something we will never see again in cinematic history.

The MCU continued to flourish with the likes of Winter Soldier and then Marvel began to take risks. To go off formula and introduce us to characters a little more cosmic. We had our heroes on Earth, but there was so much more to this universe. We needed to go cosmic and with this we got one of the best Marvel movies, Guardians of the Galaxy. It showed that the MCU could go anywhere we wanted and it served the story, it served the purpose. We got even more of Thanos and we really began to understand even more the overarching story, the Infinity Stones.

Phase 3 started with a universe defining movie in Captain America Civil War. Seeing our heroes fight each other was massive and showed a strength the MCU has had through out. This was such a big storyline in seclusion, yet we can still have everything else going on at the same time. Not only did we see our favourite heroes go toe to toe, one of Marvel’s missing pieces joined, Spider-Man. The inclusion of Spider-Man shows how big the MCU had become. The fact that the rights to Spider-Man belongs to another studio yet Marvel was allowed to use him indicates the power of Marvel and the MCU.

Now we are here, 10 years later, heading in to a movie that is basically the end. The ending of a story that started way back and has been added to and built up to this massive event., “the end of the path I started us on” as Tony would say. We are going to see every single character that we have been introduced to against the biggest villain the MCU has faced, Thanos. This is the end for this universe that’s been created, but it’s also the beginning of even more. We will now see more stories, more characters, and hopefully see this universe grow even more. We will never ever see anything like it again, and for that, it has to be cherished and excuse the pun, it is a complete marvel. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is an anomaly and for cinema goers and comic book fans, it’s everything we dreamed of and more. Infinity War has the luxury that it is impossible to disappoint, enjoy it. It’s likely we will never get anything like this again.


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