New Venom Trailer!


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The new Venom trailer has been released and thankfully, this one has given us our first look at the symbiote himself..itself(?), Venom!

This trailer explains a lot more of the story and we even get to see how Eddie Brock gets the symbiote. It sets everything up for what could be a good movie that just happens to be based on a comic book character. We have the evil coorporation finding the symbiote and believing that it’s the next human evolution to be binded with this, very illegally. Then we have Eddie Brock who is reporting on it and during his investigation he gets attacked by one of the patients and begins to not feel well. The movie really seems to have a mix feeling between thriller and horror, which can work really well.

It’s then we get our first glimpse of Venom and it’s been taken on a really interesting journey. It seems to be a split personality and that Venom is a desperate person to Eddie Brock fighting for control of his host body. It makes for an intriguing battle between the 2. At the end of the trailer we then get the tagline of the movie and our first proper look at that face. We are Venom. At first glimpse I winced a little. It’s very VFX heavy but of course it is. It looks out of this earth but of course it is. You’d almost say his face looks alive and the more I watched it, the more I accepted it and the more I agreed, there’s really no better way that it could have been done. It definitely looks like a monster and that’s exactly what Venom is.


I’m definitely more intrigued after this trailer and it seems like a real inner battle which can be interesting. The question is whether they can balance the different tones they are going for. I’m really not sold on that Venom voice either. Is it Tom Hardy doing a deep voice? Hopefully it doesn’t become a distraction and we can enjoy the movie! Far better trailer than before


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