Avengers: Infinity War Review


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There is a lot, and I mean a lot, to digest in this movie and not a lot of time to process it. All of our favourite characters are here but Thanos is there to tear shit up, and whao, he does it in some style.

We have to start with that ending. The finger snap. I had heard many people say that this was going to be a possibility but I didn’t think it would happen. It would have been a lot to take in and the consequences of this happening, has massive ramifications on the MCU and future movies. Seeing nearly all our favourtie heroes disentegrate away left me truly traumatised. The one hitting the most was probably Peter Parker. It captured the innocence and his youth so well, he was a scared kid. Robert Downey Jr is at his best in this movie. It’s a great performance and a real stand out to the movie. Doctor Strange disentegrated away but it seems like he knows this is the way it has to happen to save everyone, which is extremely intriguing in itself.

Now the finger snap is one thing, but the villain orchestrating all of this was Thanos. Thanos is the villain and he is a great villain. He’s terrifying when he needs to be and it truly sets the bar right at the start by straight away killing Loki. From there, you barely have time to register your feelings as he moves on to the next and is driven by his belief, Thanos is doing this to save the universe, he sees himself as the hero. The VFX for Thanos is good for the most part, there are some moments where it was taken out of the moment for me. The scene where Gamora and Thanos go to the get the soul stone, Gamora says he is shedding a tear but I didnt even notice it at first. It really doesnt detract from this scene however. Zoe Saldana is the best we have seen her as Gamora, and potentially her last. You could feel the pain as she was used as the sacrifice. My favourite bit of this scene though, Red Skull appearing. He had been teleported way back in the 1st Captain America, and it was a great reward for die hard MCU fans.

This takes me to my next point. This movie heavily relies on you seeing nearly all of the previous MCU films. If you have missed a few or only seen half and are a casual viewer, you are going to be lost and quickly. There is no character building here, no character arcs, it’s all based on the previous films and your already established connection with each character. Even at that, the movie barely gives any time to any character to truly make a mark. The movie moves so quickly from Earth, to another world to another world, you barely have time to process what is happened. There are even times where really emotional and hard hitting moments are undercut with a jump to another group and a joke straight away. For the most part, the banter between characters is great and a really fun and enjoyable thing to see. Strange and Stark going at it, Cap and Thor’s reunion along with the Guardians and everyone they meet.

Dont get me wrong though, the fact that there’s no character building or introductions is also a good thing. There’s no time wasted at all and it really couldn’t have been done any other way. It’s a massive achievement the balance that the Russo Brothers have with so many characters. On second viewing it all makes so much sense and that’s remarkable for such a huge story.

I honestly could continue for more about everything, and you can hear that in our brand new podcast, The Monthly Checkup. For now though, the MCU has been shaken to it’s very core. It’s been completely reset with surprisingly all of the original Avengers surviving as well as 1 or 2. It means we are going to go full circle in Avengers 4 from Avengers 1. You have to commend Marvel for such a gutsy move that leaves you truly shell shocked. My fear is that Avengers 4 renders this movie pointless and it reverses it all. Hopefully it doesn’t but my emotional state would like some of it to be reversed.


It’s going to take a couple more viewings to properly digest everything in this movie, but on first thoughts, Avengers Infinity War moves at such a quick pace that you barely have time to register how you feel or what you’ve just watched. We get great character moments and we get great action set pieces, some hitting harder than others. Thanos is a great villain who has seriously messed up and I can’t wait to see how the MCU continues after this. Especially with the reveal that the saviour may be Captain Marvel. My only feeling is you can see why this was originally a 2 parter, it feels like it and it’s a lot. Which shouldn’t be a complaint but there are moments that could have been better served with more time.


Avengers Infinity War is out now!

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