Infinity War Prognosis RESULTS

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Welcome to the results of our very first movie prognosis where we make bold predictions on what is going to happen! Infinity War is out and we have been emotionally traumatised. Let’s gets stuck in and see who won our 1st Comic Films MD Prognosis.

Check out the full answers here!

Who dies?

No points for anyone this question! Everyone thought Cap and Dave thought Gamora but none of them are taken, surprisingly! NO POINTS

Andy – 0    Dave – 0   Matt – 0   Rachel – 0


Who will be the shock death? Wildcard death?

Andy, Matt and Dave all get a point with predicting Spider-Man, Drax and Doctor Strange are going to die. There were shockingly a lot to choose from so a point for those 3.

Andy – 1    Dave – 1   Matt – 1   Rachel – 0


End shot leading into Avengers 4?

A tough one as this can either be Thanos watching a sunset successful, or a signal being sent to Captain Marvel. Rachel nailed it with the finger snap, it wasn’t the end shot but it deserves a 1/2 point. Dave also gets a 1/2 point with his wording. We are technically ‘introduced’ to Captain Marvel but not in a way he suggested, again, worth a 1/2 point.

Andy – 1    Dave – 1.5   Matt – 1   Rachel – 0.5


What will Avengers 4 be called?

It’s been heavily rumoured over the weekend that Avengers 4 is going to be called Avengers: Endgame. This would make sense with Doctor Strange saying “We are in the Endgame”. No one got it exactly but Matt and Rachel both had end in their title so it deserves another half point.

Andy – 1    Dave – 1.5   Matt – 1.5   Rachel – 1


Will Thanos have all 6 Infinity Stones by the end of the movie?

Points here for Dave and Rachel who correctly predicted that Thanos would indeed have all 6 Infinity Stones.

Andy – 1    Dave – 2.5   Matt – 1.5   Rachel – 2


Will Avengers assemble will be said? If so, who says it?

Everyone thought that we were going to hear Avengers Assemble but no one said it! It would not have been appropriate though and something more appropriate would have been, Avengers Disassemble, or Avengers we are f##ked. No points for anyone!

Andy – 1    Dave – 2.5   Matt – 1.5   Rachel – 2

Tie breaker – How much is it going to make in the opening weekend worldwide?

It comes down to the tie breaker. Can Dave secure his win or is it another who will grab our very 1st prognosis win!

The numbers are in and Avengers Infinity War has broke records. Opening at a massive US domestic 250 million breaking Star Wars Force Awakens by 2. Worldwide it’s also take the record with a frankly ridiculous 630 million! Absolutely smashing the Fast8 record.

David was the closest with guessing 600 million and with that he takes the win!

Congrats sir!

Final points tally!

Andy – 1    Dave – 3.5   Matt – 1.5   Rachel – 2


Avengers Infinity War is out now!

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