Red Dead 2 New Trailer

Red Dead 2


We got a brand new trailer for Read Dead Redemption 2 and it looks awesome and intense. We hadn’t got a new trailer since last year in September so we have waited a long time to see new footage!

In the last trailer it was confirmed that Red Dead 2 is a prequel to the first game where we see younger versions of the gang. This trailer seems to hint that there will be a very focused point on doing more things with and for the gang. There seems like there could be bank robberies, fights and some good old killing.

The key for this game though is how it looks and it looks spectacular. I don’t know what lighting and sky system they are using but it looks incredible. Every single backdrop and sky looks like it could be the basis of a painting.

Red Dead 2 Sky

We are definitely going to get a lot more footage, and possibly our first look at the game play, next month at E3. Check back right here for all the E3 coverage and hopefully some good looking Read Dead 2 footage! We can’t wait!

Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released on 26th October

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