Deadpool Review

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With Deadpool 2 hitting theatres this Tuesday, we take a look back at the movie that nearly wasn’t made. Did this movie live up to the fandom, or will it need Wade’s healing power to stay alive?


This movie is fantastic. From the marketing to the post credit scene, this movie was hilarious. In a time of fun crazy comic book movies, it was nice to have a change of pace and have an adult meta story that followed an unlikely hero.

Ryan Reynolds nails it as the merc with a mouth. His comedy timing and improv in this film is something else. The one liners used to describe the other characters and his commentary on the scenes are always great. I think I lost it when Colossus is taking him to “the Professor” and Deadpool says “McAvoy or Stewart?” After just re watching the movie, I have to say, there isn’t any joke that I can think of that didn’t land. Reynolds has said in interviews that he loves the character and is glad the movie was made. And seeing his performance, you can really tell!

I also really enjoyed the surprising love story that was woven into the movie. It grounded Deadpool and allowed us to see a more human side of him and not just a regenerating mutant. There were actually a couple of really touching moments as well, such as the scene where both him and Vanessa, who is played by Morena Bacccarin perfectly, find out about Wades’s cancer. It was something I did not expect in a movie like Deadpool. Also, having a sex montage used as a passage of time is something that only a Deadpool movie could get away with.

You can’t talk about Deadpool and not talk about the self referencing and easter eggs. This movie dominated with them. From the previously mentioned X-Men joke, to the origins jab and Green Lantern slating, this movie knew exactly what it was and felt full on, and it worked. I was worried that a lot of the jokes were in the trailers, but they were only the tip of the iceberg. Referencing Avengers, 127 hours, low movie budgets, this movie took meta to a whole new level.


This movie is without doubt, worth a discharge. The marketing campaign was hilarious and game changing. It ensured that the movie had pretty big shoes to fill, which it did easily. There was something in this movie for everyone and was genuinely a great refreshment in the super hero movie genre. Now to see if the sequel lives up to it.


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