Deadpool 2 Review

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Deadpool 2 is now in cinemas and with the surprising, but deserved, success of the first one, does this one live up to it, or does it suffer from the standard sequelitis?


I was a real fan of the first Deadpool. It was exactly what the comic book genre needed and really hit all the right notes. I was worried that the sequel would become too studio heavy and would force a lot of jokes and potential spin offs and team ups. I can happily say that my fears were not realised. This movie takes what you loved about the first movie and multiplies it!

This movie’s jokes are fantastic, from the opening title sequence, to the post credit scenes (of which there are 2, so don’t bother staying until the end of the credits). I won’t go into deep spoilers but the jabs at Avengers, DC, and X-men are all fantastic. There was one in particular that had me in stitches.  The other cultural jokes are also great and are so abundant that if one doesn’t hit, there is one a few moments later to make up for it. There did feel like a few were targeted towards a more american audience, but they were so few and far between that they didn’t bother me all that much.

The story arc is also great. Ryan Reynolds calls this movie, “a movie about family” and it really feels like it. You can feel the relationship between him and Vanessa, and then his relationship with the kid, Fire fist. There were times in this movie where I was feeling a lot more sadness and empathy than I thought I would in a Deadpool movie. It was a nice surprise. I definitely wouldn’t say its an Oscar movie, but to have even a couple of slow down moments in a movie that has quite a few ball jokes, was welcomed.

All the cast were great in it as well. Ryan Reynolds was fantastic as usual. He is Deadpool, thats all there is to say about that. Josh Brolin was great too, if not a bit one demential. I think that was more to do with the writing than with the acting. All the members of X-Force were good too, for what we saw of them, and the original cast members also did a good job too. There was a few moments with Julian Dennison that was playing Fire Fist that did feel a little flat but, again, they were few and far between so it didn’t bother me much. Stand out co star has to be Zazie Beets, who plays Domino. her acting was great and the way Deadpool plays off her “luck” ability was very funny. There were a few nice cameos that were definitely a very nice surprise.

Speaking about the other cast members, this is where I think the movie falls down just a little. No one was bad, but I feel that no one was really given their time to shine. Everyone from the first movie feels like a nod rather than a character, and the new cast don’t really get a chance to shine. Cable had a lot of good action sequences but there wasn’t a moment that I can remember really feeling anything for him. He was just kind of there. There also wasn’t really a villain per say, a few bad guys yes, but not an over arcing “main villain.”


This was a tough one to score. On the one hand, the side characters and plot was a bit vague and underused. However the whole idea of Deadpool breaking the 4th wall and telling jokes was by far the funniest its ever been. If you go into this movie expecting a filled out story and character arcs, you might, and I say might, be slightly disappointed. That being said, if you go into this movie loving easter eggs, 4th wall breaks, culturally relevant jokes, a lot of fun, and good emotional moments, then this movie is definitely a smash hit, and will leave you laughing about the jokes well after the movie has ended. 


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