Batwoman coming to the Arrowverse


Today at the CW upfronts presentation it was announced that Batwoman will be coming to the Arrowverse next season. The plan is to introduce her to their massive crossover event that has become a staple every season. To introduce, not only a character, but quite a big character, is definitely a way to keep it’s importance within the seasons of each show.

With the introduction of Batwoman, it opens up a lot of opportunities for the Arrowverse. Are we going to go to Gotham City now? With Gotham wrapping their show up with a final season, you have to think it’s a good time to introduce Gotham. Not only does it give current fans something they’ve been asking for, it gives the opportunity for new fans to come over and enjoy the Arrowverse.

Batwoman is a character that could fit the Arrowverse very well. Real name, Kate Kane in her latest incarnation, she chooses to use her wealth similar to Bruce Wayne and becomes a vigilante. Being a vigilante is very much in Arrow’s wheel house. She could also be a really good fit for Legends of Tomorrow and would bring something completely different to the show. However it would mean missing out on Gotham and the darkness this character could bring, which would be a real shame.

The introduction of Batwoman could lead to her own show which would open up even more possibilities. If it was set in Gotham, it could be the beginning of the path that leads us to Batman appearing. We already got a Bruce Wayne name drop at the beginning of Arrow this season, but could we get an appearance from the dark knight himself? It’s certainly getting closer. We should probably start watching Arrow again…


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