Solo: A Star Wars Story Review

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This was a film fans had been clambering to get for years. But with all the drama that went on behind the scenes, did this movie live up to the hype or is this the first real Star Wars flop?


I’ll start by getting my main criticism of this movie out of the way first; there are times where you feel the problems behind the camera. It has, what I would consider, a really rough start. The humour just didn’t fit. It felt forced and really out of place in a Star Wars world. It took away from the action scenes and made everything feel like a cheap Star Wars knockoff. The awkward flat jokes did for the most part go away further into the movie but having such a rough start did set a tone for the rest of the movie.

I also didn’t really feel for the new robot, L-3, introduced in this movie. The “social activist” characteristics she had felt like it was there just to be topical. It did play into the story with the rebellion on Kessel but it just felt like it was done because of what was happening in the real world, rather than progress the story.  Her arc did rectify itself when her code was integrated into the millennium falcon. It was something that I had considered before, having the falcon as a character, but this development really helped showed that it is.

I did enjoy Alden Ehrenreih in this movie. He didn’t really feel like Harrison Ford’s Han Solo but his acting was very good and he felt like a full character, there were tiny details like him talking about how he father built the same ship as the millennium falcon which added depth and history to him. His interactions with other characters like Donald Glover’s Lando was also good. Emilia Clarke was also great in this movie. Her character felt grounded and you felt for her. Woody Harrelson was also pretty stand out, it would have been very easy for him to phone this in, but his character was developed pretty well.

I wasn’t a big fan of the amount of Han easter eggs in the movie. The falcon stuff was great and felt like it would have been the natural progression of that arc. The stuff with Han getting his name and blaster felt more fan service than character development. THAT cameo though, that was great. Completely out of place but was amazing to see.


This movie is far from perfect, but it is a fun summer movie. There are elements of Star Wars in it but it still feels too disconnected from the others. There are 2 more Solo movies planned and it will be interesting to see where they take the characters and the stories, but they will have their work cut out for them.


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