New Superman game announcement at E3?

It’s the week before E3 and the rumour mill is at full speed. We got the title of the new Assassin’s Creed game, Odyssey set in Greece, leaked last week via a keychain (a pretty cool keychain I’ll admit), and there will be plenty more this week I’m sure.

It’s not a leak, but the big rumour going round at the minute is that Rocksteady are set to announce their new game, a Superman game. Now this is good news in its’ own right, but what’s exciting about it is the previous games that Rocksteady created, The Batman Arkham series.

The Batman Arkham series were fantastic games with each putting you in the cowl of Batman. Each game brought its treasure trove of Riddler trophies and villains, and personally I’m the proud owner of the Platinum trophy for each instalment.

The rumour has been going around for a while that Rocksteady were working on a new DC property and it’s looking likely that it could be Superman. If they create a game in the same style and feel of the Batman games, it could be set up to be an absolutely incredible series of games.

We only have to wait till next week to find out!

E3 is Tuesday 12th June – Friday 15th June and we will be covering all the main releases and announcements right here!


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