Sony at E3


Finally the Conference I am always waiting for eagerly over the course of the 3 days every E3, Sony Conference. All I can say is that YET AGAIN Sony delivered! They left the chatter to a minimum and the games they delivered spoke a thousand words for them! So let’s get stuck straight in then.



The start was introduced by composer Gustavo Santaolalla, treating us to his Last of Us theme on a banjo. This was a nice little touch to lead up to the gameplay/trailer we seen. We got to see a twenty something Ellie just chilling out at a friendly gathering and kissing her girlfriend! Then we cut into her absolutely killing the shit out of some guys in a dark wood area. What followed was a pretty standard stealth sequence for most games albeit this was so polished it looked like a movie, kind of what we have come to expect from Naughty Dog.



Again this demo started with some dude on stage shredding it on the shakuhachi, which was great and something none of us where expecting to see at E3. As for the game I got real The Witcher vibes of this one. So this is being developed by the guys behind Infamous, Suckerpunch. We were shown the lead character making his way through a war-torn feudal Japan, with all sorts of sword fighting and sneaking you would expect, and this game looks beautiful.


Finally something fresh and different, this time going by the name of Control from the creators of Max Payne and Alan Wake, not much was shown about this just that it looks pretty insane and I am pretty sure I will play it!



YESSSSSS this is what I had been waiting the 3 days for and finally we got to see our first look at the highly anticipated re-master of potentially the best game in the series (I know I am not alone with that opinion). It looks like we are getting an Over the Shoulder camera angle similar to Resi 4 and I am on board no matter what they do with this game! Capcom take my money!!



Now I know I haven’t said much about this over the last couple of days but we have been shown so much of this game now I am not even sure how many characters there are or what is actually going on. Which is a shame as this game has been so highly anticipated it has been rammed down our throats at every opportunity which is not needed. But below is the trailer see what you think.



Hideo Kojima’s weird ass sci-fi/horro/I’m still not sure what this game is about, but it still looks gorgeous from the gameplay we where shown, but still I am left with more questions than answers. Especially at the end of the trailer where I think the lady eats a newborn baby?? Yea I know right!?



Don’t really know how I felt about this to be honest I never played the first 1 and the trailer for the 2nd didn’t really get my juices flowing. See what you guys think in the trailer below!



The point of these conferences are to make us feel hyped and want to play a certain game, with this next trailer they brought has definitely succeeded with me anyway as we are treated to Spider-man. The sequence they showed us had a prison break scene with some of spidy’s most infamous criminals, along with some expensive looking set pieces and action sequences. Also the combat looks like it is directly lifted from the Batman Arkham games which is a very good move.


Sony delivered with their heavy hitters although they didn’t show that much. They did show what everyone had been wanting to see from the Resident Evil 2 remake to gameplay from the oddly gorgeous Death Stranding. Overall I will say that this hasn’t been a super exciting E3. No Red Dead either but maybe we will see that come PSX in a couple of months!




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